Providence Drunk Driving Lawyer

Providence Drunk Driving LawyerRhode Island has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation even a first-time arrest and conviction for drunk driving can lead to serious penalties including jail time license suspension and heavy fines. That is why you need an experienced Providence drunk driving lawyer like Chad Bank on your side. Chad will defend your rights and shield you from punitive fines stressful license suspensions and frightening jail times. There are many other good reasons why having a Providence drunk driving lawyer like Chad Bank by your side is the right move to make.

Providence drunk driving lawyer Chad F Bank can negotiate a favorable plea deal on your behalf

One of the biggest secrets of the criminal justice system especially in Rhode Island is that prosecutors do not often take their cases to trial. Instead they try to negotiate what is called a plea bargain which is often offered by the prosecutor in exchange for pleading guilty or no contest to the charges. However not all plea bargains are created equally which is why Providence drunk driving lawyer Chad F Bank can work with the prosecutor to get you a plea bargain that is best for you.

Providence DUI lawyer Chad F Bank can find a flaw in your case and get it dismissed

Sometimes when charged with drunk driving errors are made in the accusations. Whether it be that the arresting officer did not calibrate his breathalyzer test correctly or that you are charged with a DUI even though you were not drinking certain medical conditions can cause you to register a false positive on a sobriety test. Maybe the arresting officer saw you leave a downtown Providence bar or restaurant and pulled you over because of that. Perhaps you were not informed of your rights having an advocate on your side like Chad Bank can discover any possible errors in your case and work on getting it dismissed.

Providence DUI lawyer Chad F Bank will defend your rights in a court of law if you decide to take your case to trial

Sometimes the best option for you is to take your DUI case to trial. If that is the case you will need an advocate on your side in a court of law to defend your rights and get the justice you deserve. For that reason it is imperative that you contact Chad Bank the premier Providence drunk driving lawyer for DUI cases in Rhode Island.