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rhode island robbery attorney

The legal definition may vary from state to state but the overall concept of this crime is common across the country. Robbery is often defined as the wrongful taking of anything valuable with the full intention of denying the true owner access to that which was stolen. This definition is slightly vague in its inclusion of criminal acts and can be better determined by each state's personalized categorizations. The differentiating factors associated with this crime involve face to face confrontations and any injuries or fatal incidents that may have occurred while the crime was taking place. If you have been charged with robbery, you need to retain the service of an experienced Rhode Island Robbery Attorney.

RI Penalties for Robbery

In the state of Rhode Island robbery is a serious crime due to its direct correlation with violence. The penalties are heavy and wide scaled. If charged  one could face a minimum of ten years of imprisonment all the way up to a life sentence. These penalties may also include hefty fines.

§ 11-39-1 Penalty for robbery. – (a) Every person who shall commit: (1) robbery by use of a dangerous weapon; (2) robbery where a victim is injured; or (3) robbery where the victim is a person who is severely impaired or an elderly person; shall be guilty of first degree robbery and shall be imprisoned for not less than ten (10) years and may be imprisoned for life, or fined not more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), or both. -Penalties

Being charged with robbery in Rhode Island is a serious allegation. Having an experienced Rhode Island Robbery Attorney handling your case could drastically improve the success of your case. If you or a loved one has been charged with robbery contact Rhode Island Robbery Attorney Chad Bank immediately at 401-229-5088. RI Criminal Defense Attorney Bank fights hard for his clients so they can achieve the best possible outcome for their case.