Bars in Downtown Providence

Downtown Providence

Everyone is looking for a place to hang out and unwind after work and many people in Providence look to the bars in the downtown area. With so many bars to choose from, it is easy for anyone to find a bar that fits their speed and matches their style. With this in mind, what are some of the bars in downtown Providence that are popular places to be?

The Eddy

Located on the appropriately named Eddy St, The Eddy is a popular spot in downtown Providence for both the locals and the tourists alike. This is a sleek bar that is known for its classic cocktails and delicious snacks that make it a busy spot after work. With reasonably priced drinks and food options, it has a well-rounded feel that pretty much everyone will enjoy. Swing by a grab a drink after work!

Fortnight Wine Bar

For those who like wine, this bar is located conveniently on Dorrance St in downtown Providence and offers a wide variety of beverages for people to choose from. While the bar is known for their myriad of natural wines that span white, red, and everything in between, this bar has much more to choose from as well. They serve a variety of craft beers and have numerous snacks that will keep people coming back for more! You can see their menu here

The Magadalenae Room

While hotel bars aren't always what come to people's mind first, this is a stylish hotel lounge located in the Dean Hotel on Fountain St in downtown Providence. Even people not staying at this hotel fill the room on a regular basis. The bar is styled with a vintage vibe in mind and will remind everyone of a simpler time. Why not swing by and check out the beverage selection?

Without a doubt, downtown Providence has a wide selection of bars to choose from. There are many different places to try and everyone can find a spot that works for them, their friends, and their family. It is important for everyone to remember to stay safe and to not to drive while drunk. Otherwise, give these places a try and see what everyone has been talking about!

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