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Providence Rhode Island Criminal Justice Attorney – Areas of Practice

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  • Providence Rhode Island Drug Crime Defense Lawyer
  • Providence Rhode Island Domestic Assault Defense Lawyer
  • Providence Rhode Island Felony Defense Lawyer
  • Providence Rhode Island Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer
  • Providence Rhode Island Expungement Lawyer

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Providence RI Criminal Defense Lawyer in 02903

RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the field of criminal defense, there are many factors in providing successful representation for each case. RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank is well versed in all aspects of RI Criminal Defense. Chad has spent over a decade as a criminal justice attorney representing the rights of clients facing criminal convictions in Rhode Island. RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank has helped clients in both state and federal courts get the best outcome for their cases. He understands the challenges presented when facing criminal charges and has dedicated his career to representing the rights of his clients. From misdemeanor to felony charges, Chad Bank and his team work to protect the rights of their clients and minimize the severe penalties associated with criminal defense. Learn more more about what types of cases our RI Criminal Defense Lawyer can represent you in.

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rhode island dui attorney

Rhode Island DUI Attorney

In the state of Rhode Island, a traffic accident that is the cause of another person’s death or severe bodily injury can be charged as a felony DUI. Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank has successfully represented many defendants in Rhode Island DUI cases. Rhode Island defines the act of driving under the influence as a person 21 years of age or older operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at .08% or above. In the event that there is not a blood alcohol content reading, the officer can testify that a driver was under the influence to a degree that rendered the driver incapable of driving based on certain observations. RI DUI Attorney Chad Bank can help you to dispute these charges and develop the best legal strategy to reduce your charges or eliminate them all together. Chad gives his clients aggressive affordable defense.

RI DUI Attorney

Rhode Island Domestic Assault Lawyer - Criminal Justice Attorney

Rhode Island Domestic Assault

Our firm works hard for it clients every day who have been involved in cases of Domestic Assault. Chad Bank is proud to call himself a qualified Domestic Assault Attorney for the state of Rhode Island. These types of court proceedings can be stressful for all parties involved and particularly difficult to manage. Attorney Bank will work hard with you every step of the way to make sure that you are satisfied. Domestic Assault can be terrifying whether you have been accused of committing it or if you are the victim. Chad promises to make sure that your case is handled with discretion and care. We are available 24 hours a day to make sure that you feel safe no matter the situation. If you have been or are involved with a domestic assault case contact us today for a free consultation.

RI Domestic Assault Lawyer

Rhode Island Drug Crimes Attorney

Rhode Island Drug Attorney

Drug Crimes carry very serious consequences in Rhode Island. No matter how much or how little of a controlled substance that you have, having a Rhode Island Drug Crimes Lawyer can be the best thing for you. When you get arrested for these types of charges there is a lot to consider. You run the risk of facing harsh penalties for your Drug Crimes as well as jail time. Another thing to consider when you are looking for a Drug Crimes Attorney is how familiar they are with the agency that is going to prosecute you. Drug Crimes Attorney Chad Bank has worked with prosecutors and knows the techniques to build your defense into a winning one.

RI Drug Attorney

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Chad F. Bank

Rhode Island DUI and RI Criminal Defense Attorney Chad Bank

Chad Bank, ESQ.

An arrest or criminal accusation can be a traumatic experience — confusing, frightening, and a drain on emotions and resources for you and your family. Don’t let a false accusation or a one-time mistake ruin your life, take away your freedom or place your reputation at risk. You need assistance from a lawyer who is honest, experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to protecting your legal rights.

RI Criminal Defense Layer Chad Bank has been practicing law in Rhode Island for over 15 years. With a no-nonsense attitude, diligent research and determination to WIN on his clients’ behalf, he has earned an extremely high success rate for criminal defense cases. You can’t afford anything less than strong and effective criminal defense representation. If you need a RI Criminal Defense Lawyer or Rhode Island DUI Attorney you have come to the right place. Attorney Bank is available 24/7.

When you’re facing a Rhode Island Criminal Offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) you need an attorney who’s not only ready to fight for you but has experience in representing Rhode Island DUI Cases. Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank has successfully represented countless DUI cases. He gives every case the same level of commitment and will work tirelessly to prepare your case.

RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad F. Bank – Representation You Can Trust!

Being charged with a DUI can be one of the most traumatizing experiences of your life. If not handled properly, a DUI or DWI can cause serious life altering changes. A Rhode Island DUI can result in jail time, fines and a record that will follow you for years to come. Don’t face this alone. Call Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank and get a partner you can trust.

RI DUI Lawyer Chad Bank specializes in RI DUI defense. Attorney Bank handles drunk and impaired driving cases on a daily basis and is one of the few law firms in Rhode Island that specializes in defending DUI related charges. Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad Bank is well-known by judges, lawyers and other court staff for defending his clients’ cases aggressively. Attorney Bank uses some of the most qualified experts to testify on behalf of his clients and negotiate with district attorneys and prosecutors. This can mean wrapping up a case without ever needing to go to trial. Attorney Bank knows How to fight a DUI in Rhode Island.

Many people believe that once they’ve been convicted of a DUI all hope is lost. Even if you’ve been convicted, Providence RI DUI Attorney Chad Bank can help you uncover options you didn’t even know you had. Attorney Bank has over a decade of experience representing clients facing Rhode Island DUI charges using integrity and creative tactics to get their sentence lessened or even dismissed.

If you’ve received a DUI in Rhode Island, call RI DUI Lawyer Chad Bank at 401-229-5088 for a free consultation and get back on track with your life.

What To Do After A RI DUI Arrest

  • Step 1: Breathe

    Being arrested for a DUI in Rhode Island is an upsetting experience. You will most likely be in a state of shock and disbelief about how your life has just been turned upside down. In this moment, breathe. Take a deep breath and try to maintain a clear head. Take solace in knowing you’re not the first to face this situation and others have survived the same situation with their lives, reputation, families and career intact. Though this moment is scary, you will be ok if you take care of yourself and seek the help of an experienced DUI Attorneys.

  • Step 2: Find an experienced RI DUI Lawyer – call us!

    While there are many lawyers in the Providence area, only a few truly specialize in DUI defense. At The Law Office of Chad F Bank, Attorney Bank and his associates represent DUI cases in the Providence courts on a daily basis. Because he is in court winning every day, Chad is the most reviewed RI DUI Lawyer in Providence. We know that a DUI can occur at any time of day which is why we’re available 24/7 for your defense.

  • Step 3: Follow Your RI DUI Lawyer’s Guidance

    The fight for your defense doesn’t end once you hire a lawyer. After hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney, it’s important to follow their advice. Be honest with them and tell them every detail of your case, even if a detail seems unimportant. Remember that your lawyer is on your side and here to protect you. Trust your DUI defense attorney and they will see you through this trying time.

Call an RI Criminal Defense Lawyer at The Law Office of Chad F Bank for immediate help at 401-229-5088. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to get you help NOW. Serving all of 02903 and the surrounding areas. Office located in Downtown Providence.


First Degree Robbery – NOT GUILTY after Jury Trial

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Client Charged with Assault – Case Dismissed

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Possesion of Weapon – Probation

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Domestic Assault – Case Dismissed

CHARGES: Domestic Assault FACTS: Client was involved in an argument with his girlfriend. His girlfriend stated that my client had punched her and the grabbed her by the neck. His girlfriend did not call the police immediately but rather, waited to make the rep… read more



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If you need a lawyer ENERGETIC, SMART, COMPASSIONATE, DETERMINED, VERY SUCCESSFUL, CHAD BANK IS YOUR LAWYER. Today was a very great day for me and my family! My case was dismissed, thanks to Chad Bank, he took my case 2 days before going to court, the moment w
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I had my P.A.C. date today for my firearm charge and my record is a mile
long in which I’m not proud of. I hired Mr.Chad Bank for my defense after
talking to a few different lawyers in the state. This man was a GODSEND I
was told by other lawyers 5 years to
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I would strongly recommend Chad Bank to anyone who needs an attorney. He
is Professional, Dependable, and DEDICATED to his clients. The first time
I needed Chad was when my son was placed in Truancy Court. Chad
immediately reviewed his case and had the char
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