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Rhode Island DUI Attorney

  • Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad F Bank is in court every day fighting for his clients
  • Chad has over 19 years of experience as a top RI DUI Lawyer fighting DUI Cases for his clients
  • Conveniently located in Providence next to the courthouse
  • Rhode Island DUI Attorney Bank will work with you to make retaining him affordable
  • Chad is the highest rated DUI Attorney in Rhode Island in Google
  • Chad fights hard for his clients to get them the best outcome
  • Chad is a a Member of the National College for DUI Defense to stay at the forefront of the field
  • Experienced in challenging DUI Blood Tests in RI and Marijuana DUI Breathalyzers

DUI is a serious offense, and it takes an aggressive RI DUI Lawyer to defend you if you're facing this charge. The law office of Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad F Bank specializes in Rhode Island DUI Defense. Chad has over a decade of experience successfully defending clients in Rhode Island as a DUI defense attorney. Attorney Bank takes each case seriously, and fights for his clients' rights to get them the best possible outcome.

If you are facing DUI charges in Rhode Island call the Top Rated DUI Attorney in RI, Chad F Bank now at 401-229-5088 today! The Law Office of Chad F Bank is conveniently located in Downtown Providence at 127 Dorrance St Providence RI, 02903 across the street from the district court.

How does Rhode Island Define DUI DWI?

Rhode Island defines the act of driving under the influence / driving while intoxicated as the operator of a motor vehicle who is 21 years of age or older and operating the vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at .08% or more.

Rhode Island DUI Laws

DUI is a criminal charge which stands for Driving Under the Influence. This charge involves the suspected use of alcohol or drugs. Under the drunk driving law in Rhode Island, an individual can be found guilty of DUI if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or more via breathalyzer or blood test. Regardless of how much of a controlled substance you ingest, you can be convicted of a DUI charge if you're driving while under the influence. RI now has Marijuana DUI Tests.

In sum, a person can be convicted of DUI if:

  • His/her blood alcohol content is .08 or above
  • In the event that there is no blood alcohol content reading, if the officer testifies that based on certain observations, the driver was under the influence to a degree that rendered the driver incapable of safely operating; and/or
  • Some combination of #1 and #2 above.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island call the most reviewed Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad F Bank at 401-229-5088 today!

What Are the Penalties for DUI Convictions in Rhode Island?

The penalties for DUI in Rhode Island are serious. The state takes a strong stand against drunk driving because of the detrimental consequences and dangerous results of these actions. In the state of Rhode Island the penalties for Driving Under the Influence are categorized by age and blood alcohol content. Different penalties are in place for drivers who are under the age of 21 as opposed to drivers 21 and older.

Rhode Island DUI Attorney

First Time Offender 21 and Older with .08 - .10% BAC

  • Imposed fines of $100-$300
  • License suspension for 1-6 months
  • Maximum sentence of up to 1 year in jail
  • Required community service: Minimum of 10 to Maximum of 60 hours
  • $500 Highway Safety Assessment fee
  • Completion of Driving school and/or an alcohol treatment program

Repeat Rhode Island DUI Offenses

A DUI in Rhode Island is already a serious offense but a repeat offense calls for even more tact in your defense. Repeat offenders face more jail time, fines & penalties, longer license suspensions and the requirement of an Ignition Interlock Device (IDD) installed in their car. Repeat Rhode Island DUI offenders are subjected to a five-year look back period. This means that previous DUI convictions five years prior to the current accusation will be taken into account during the sentencing. Second time DUI offenders are subject to 10 days to 1 year of jail time, fines up to $1,000, a 1-2 years license suspension and a required IDD. 3rd time DUI offenders are subject to 1 to 5 years of jail time, fines up to $5,000, a 2-year minimum license suspension and a required IDD.

Why do you need a good RI DUI Attorney?

You cannot afford anything less than the best when it comes to a Rhode Island DUI Attorney. Strong and effective representation are needed to beat this type of charge. The Law Office of Chad F Bank is in the Providence courts successfully fighting for their clients every day. Because of this Chad is the most reviewed Rhode Island DUI Attorney you can call. When you speak to Rhode Island DUI Attorney Chad F. Bank or one of his associates you will be provided with excellent DUI defense strategies. Their team of RI Criminal Defense Lawyers will make you a part of the process while selecting the method for your representation. Call his Rhode Island DUI Defense office today to discuss your representation options at 401-229-5088 or fill out our Contact Form. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Providence across from the courthouse.

What To Do If You Get Pulled Over

Remember, never admit to drinking ANY amount of alcohol when you speak to the police. Reserve your right to remain silent and call RI DUI Lawyer Chad F Bank as soon as possible. You have to take a field sobriety test so oblige. Chad will get the police report and go over it with you and discuss yor defense strategy. Don't leave your future in the hands of an inexperienced public defender. Call the most experienced and most reviewed Rhode Island DUI Attorney to defend your case. Office conveniently located in Downtown Providence across from the courthouse.

Providence DUI Lawyer

Providence DUI Lawyer - DUI Lawyer in Providence - Highest Rated DUI Lawyer in Providence, RI - The Law Office of Chad F Bank

Every day dozens of people in Providence, Rhode Island plead guilty to drunk driving charges. At the same time, dozens of people have these same charges reduced or even dismissed altogether. The difference between being charged for a Providence DUI crime and being released is decided by knowing your rights and hiring a Providence DUI Attorney who knows these laws inside and out.

If you've been charged with a DUI in Providence you may be at risk of losing your license, paying heavy fines and even jail time. These charges should not be taken lightly. However, there's no reason you should fight this alone. The most reviewed Providence DUI Lawyer, attorney Chad F Bank, has unparalleled experience as a RI Criminal Defense Lawyer in representing Rhode Island DUI cases. Chad fights aggressively for all his clients and is proud to be a top rated Providence DUI Lawyer in 2020 for the 5th year straight.

The Most Reviewed Providence DUI Attorney

Providence DUI Attorney Chad Bank has over 19 years of experience in DUI cases. He is in court successfully fighting for his clients every day and because of this he has over 575 positive Google reviews from happy clients. Chad has successfully proven his expertise in Providence DUI cases involving:

  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Providence DUI Laws
  • Breathalyzers
  • Blood Tests
  • Repeat DUI offenders
  • Refusal Charges
  • Chemical Tests
  • Felony DUI

Experienced Providence DUI Lawyer Chad Bank uses his advanced knowledge of Rhode Island DUI Laws to challenge the evidence and sequence of events in district court. Providence DUI prosecutors generally rely on each piece of evidence to develop a case against an offender in the state of Rhode Island. Their case rely on three general facts:

  1. His/her blood alcohol content is .08 or above from a breath test or blood test;
  2. In the event that there is no blood alcohol content reading, if the officer testifies that based on certain observations, the driver was under the influence to a degree that rendered the driver incapable of safely operating; and/or
  3. Some combination of #1 and #2 above.

Each of these pieces of evidence seems intimidating, yet none are as solid as you might think. A good Providence DUI lawyer knows how to approach these issues from every angle to fight for your case. Providence DUI cases are never set in stone and conviction is not your only option. Providence DUI Lawyer Chad Bank is able to find mistakes made in police reports and size up the prosecution to navigate the Providence legal system on your behalf to best avoid a Providence DUI conviction.

Put Our Providence DUI Defense Experience on Your Side

If you are facing a DUI or drunk driving charges in Providence, call the highest rated Providence DUI Lawyer Chad Bank for a free case evaluation before making a decision on how to proceed. Do not let a night out at your favorite bar or restaurant jeopardize your career or your drivers license. Losing your job or getting a license suspension is life changing. You cant afford to put your future in the hands of a public defender. Call 401-229-5088 for a free consultation today.

Google Reviews

Would highly recommend Mr Banks. I contacted him with a legal matter for my son and he personally answered his phone at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning. Within a couple of hours he had the police report and was back in contact with me to have us come into his office. Before we even met with him he already had conversations with the prosecutor and a plan for my sons defense. He put us at complete ease and we were amazed at how quickly he took action. He kept in constant contact with us and we were more than please with the outcome. His fee was fair and well worth the quality representation he provided my son. Thank you Chad. You are amazing!!!!read more
Joanne Soccio
02:05 13 Mar 21
Chad truly went above and beyond when handling my case. He was extremely responsive to calls, answered all of my questions, and made sure I understood what was happening every step of the way. Chad is upfront, honest, and always acted in my best interest. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you are looking for an attorney in Providence, look no further!!read more
Jennifer Middleton
00:32 08 Mar 21
Chad is great he answered all my questions,and was very professional took care of everything. He tells you like it is. He gets right to work thank you chad. If anyone looking for a good lawyer I highly recommend him he’s good 😉read more
Jackie Garcia
19:19 10 Feb 21
Chad is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with by far. He help me with all my needs and answered all my questions. He always kept me informed with what was going on. He made dealing with the court system painless. Thank you Chad for all your help. I will be sending you anyone that is in need of your services. Keep up the good work!read more
Carlos Munoz
22:06 20 Jan 21
Best lawyer in Rhode Island hands down!! I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. He has a lot of pull and respect in the court houses. BY FAR THE BEST LAWYER THAT HAS EVER REPRESENTED ME. You can trust him with anything and he will 100% deliver. A true man of his word!! Highly highly recommend more
Kevin Aguiar
21:07 06 Nov 20
Chad Bank is absolutely amazing at what he does. He’s always very professional, but also very firm and doesn’t play games. I hired him a lot later than I should have due to anxiety about my case. He gave me a good price and immediately got to work. He was willing to work with me in regards to making the payments as it was such short notice to be able to spend the money. He was very confident about that results that he would get and tried to make me believe everything would be okay although I wasn’t so sure. When court day came, he had me in and out in no time which was great because of my work schedule which sometimes runs over 12 hours a day. I would recommend Chad to anyone for any case, no matter if it’s big or small. He has also helped me out with several smaller issues in the past. But he really exceeded my expectations with this case. Chad and his team are the way to go if you’re gonna go out and pay for an attorney. Thanks so much for your help!read more
Paul Monteiro
16:39 25 Oct 20
Chad F. Banks was absolutely amazing. I called on a Friday night. I received a call within a few hours. He was extremely confident and put my mind at ease. Come Monday morning, as promised he handled my case quickly and effectively. Walked me through each step, and I couldn’t be more relieved or pleased. Mark who works in his office ( or for Chad) was kind and caring always assuring you that your in the best hands legally. Genuinely interested and concerned to help. I called several lawyers who couldn’t come close to take care of their clients quickly, so there is nothing hanging over your head or have to return to court several times. This is definitely the go to Lawyer if you want your case handled quickly and professionally. I will recommend him to anyone seeking the best. No lawyer gives up their weekend to help their clients. Chad did and this is the legal representation you want and need in your corner . Thank you Chad Banks and Mark Terri Mckennaread more
00:13 20 Oct 20
We were very happy with the end result and were impressed with the open communication. If Chad couldn’t speak to us directly he would contact us via email so we always felt he took our concerns to heart. Highly recommend his more
Lauren Pelser
22:56 19 Oct 20
Chad once again went above and beyond to get these serious charges against me dropped. It was a long process and Chad had my best interest and kept me informed and up to date with everything. He answered my calls and text every time I was concerned. Highly recommended he will fight for you!!!read more
Johnathan Costa
21:17 19 Oct 20
This man really saved my life and career. I was arrested and charged with 4 felonies best lawyer i ever hired chad had all charges dismissed just want to say thank you so much more
steven mora
07:19 09 Oct 20
I have to say really impressed of how Mr Bank gets things done. Very professional what he told me from the start is how it ended. Thank you for everything you done for me. You are greatly appreciated!!!!!read more
Jesse costa
06:55 09 Oct 20
Chad is great at what he does. He is super fast fast at getting things done. Case was dismissed less then 48 hours after we saw him and he kept us informed every step of the way! He is definitely my go to and recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer!read more
Leslie Torres
16:18 28 Sep 20
Chad and Rory did an amazing job handling my case and was professional the whole way threw any problems he is the guy to go toread more
Troy Fortes
19:38 03 Sep 20
Chad Banks is a An Outstanding Lawyer !!!! He won my case for me and represented me very well. I’d recommend him To all my friends and family and anyone in general. If you’re looking for a good lawyer who is on point , knows his facts , and communicates very well choose Chad Banks . You Won’t ever regret it !read more
Chloe Cash
21:06 02 Sep 20
I would absolutely recommend Attorney Chad F Banks, he treats his clients with respect and dignity. His professionalism is amazing, quick service, he is relatable, thorough and stays in touch. Chad follows up expeditiously to any questions or concerns you may have. I am glad I met him and I can not thank him more
Joy Ighile
12:32 30 Aug 20
I was referred to Chad by my personal injury attorney and I felt extremely grateful to have Chad as my attorney. His overall presence and approach is commendable within his profession. He is extremely knowledgable, speaks well, and presents himself very well. I observed how well respected he is in the courts as well. His office staff is impressive as well as the office and location itself. This man was able to get my case dismissed gracefully. He will make court feel smooth for you. I recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation. Chad F Banks is the lawyer your looking for!read more
Vee Ras
18:48 17 Jul 20
Mr.Banks went above and beyond, to help me with a tough situation in less than 3 days he had everything resolved. I will recommend Mr. Banks and his team in a heart beat. Also his price was very more
Maria Veronica Cano
17:52 26 May 20
Chad went above and beyond for me in my personal situation. Not only did he do everything he said he was going to do he did it in a timely manner. Other lawyers wanted more money and wanted to wait months, Chad had my particular situation handled in a matter of weeks and only a few days to where I new what most likely the situations outcome would be. Dismissal and expunged. Couldn't have asked for a better experienceread more
Al Soares
20:43 18 May 20
Chad was a great help for me with my situation! He was very knowledgeable, has a great team, patient and answers your questions honestly. He's not around the bush, which I respect a lot. He'll work with you and take a load off your shoulders so you don't feel so stressed out by the legal system. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. Thank you so much for everything Chad!read more
Stacy O.
23:37 10 Mar 20
Highly recommended! The state prosecutors wanted my brother to serve jail time. 18 months! Chad banks managed to get him to serve no jail time. Which reduced to 5 year probation. My family was present and pleased with Chad's defense .read more
Jonathan Chavez
18:18 28 Feb 20
I was in a pretty tough situation about 2 weeks ago, I searched for an attorney to help me get through this with a positive outcome. Across many searches of highly recommended attorney's I found Mr. Chad Banks. Not only did he get me a positive outcome I received even better news! Now I can move forward with my life..if you want my honest opinion go with Mr. Chad Banks! I cannot stress enough how honorable and trustworthy of an attorney and person he is. I remember walking out of his office the first time we met shaking his hand and telling him I am trusting him with my future please dont let me down.. ..this gentleman kept his word. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have had Mr. Banks in my corner!! Highly recommend him!!read more
Rupal Dasilva
14:11 25 Feb 20
I recently made an out of character mistake and quickly got in contact with Chad. He within seconds removed the weight off of my shoulders and reassured me things will be fine, within the hour was able to get a hold of all the details. He is a master at his craft, as well as a man of his word and was able to deliver results saving me from potential consequences. Chad Banks is simply the best at what he does and I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone, which I did and again he was able to deliver results for a referral of more
Claudio Guimas
23:59 17 Feb 20
All I can say is WOW! I called Chad on a Friday at 5pm and by 6pm he had already gotten all the details of my case. On Monday we met at his office after I got out of work and by Wednesday I was sitting in court a week before my court date and Chad got my case dismissed. If I were to ever get into another pinch, I would not have to think twice about contacting Chad. He is a no nonsense gentlemen that is highly efficient, effective, and eloquent. Chad is an amazing attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone!read more
Melvin Morales Jr.
17:45 05 Feb 20
Chad was money well spent. An out of character afternoon resulted in a DUI. With a business and family on the line, a phone call to Chad (with a quick response) immediately alleviated much stress. He was a man of his word and after only one court appearance he had everything settled. Thank you to Chad for his knowledge and expertise. If you're looking for an Attorney look no more
E. Aguiar
22:40 30 Jan 20
Chad was amazing throughout a very stressful situation I found myself in. Everything was handled professionally and very quick. Chad did everything he said he would and it all turned out just fine! He was reassuring and super nice throughout the whole process. Thank you Chad for all your professionalism and especially for your time and help I am extremely grateful!!read more
Kira Patenaude
23:33 14 Jan 20
Chad banks is a “excellent” lawyer. Chad and his team navigated me through a difficult case including family court with expert precision. Thank you so much! Chad, Rory, and Al, without your help I feel confident I would still be living that nightmare. I can rest easy recommending you to my family and friendsread more
Jonnathan Blanchard
01:45 10 Jan 20
Great experience all around. This man and his team had my mind quickly at ease. Importantly he is up front, blunt, honest and will tell you the facts ahead of time so you know what all outcomes will be. Responds in a very quick manner and is personable. Huge factor for me and im sure many others is, he is fair, affordable and worth every dollar. Lastly in my situation the best outcome that I was hopeful for is exactly what happened. A big thanks to a quick and easy process. Would definitely more
Anthony Bramucci
02:18 22 Dec 19
I have known Chad Bank for 10+ years and highly recommend him. Chad is available for his clients 24/7 and will work hard to get the absolute best results for them. Chad and his associates are experienced and knowledgeable criminal trial attorneys in both RI and more
Lauren Iannelli
19:24 18 Dec 19
Chad banks saved me from a big mistake. He came in explained everything made me feel a lot better. Chad was always available and always had an answer. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Chads a warrior in the court room and takes control of the situation. Truly happy with the decision of hiring him! Thank you Chad!!read more
Nick Vaughan
21:24 17 Dec 19
I contacted Chad Bank for a DUI problem. Chad makes you feel comfortable as well as positive with the outcome. I found him easy to communicate with as well as very accessible. He states that I could call him anytime and he would answer and he did You can call him on his personal cell and reach him anytime, that is a real advantage! My outcome was swift and very positive. I Thank you chad bank for my life back normal ..I will never hesitate in referring him to people or contacting him again if legal representation is more
Holly Fugere
01:45 21 Nov 19
Hands down one of the best lawyers in the state! Can't even express how much he helped my family out this past summer. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get him as a lawyer, he's worth every penny!read more
Lilit Faryan
16:33 06 Nov 19
Chad banks is simply the best lawyer in Rhode Island not only was his price more then fair he gave me payment options to break my payment in 2 installments - he was truthful from the start easy to contact and told me what to expect walked me through the process other lawyers said I was looking at probation with chad All chargers were dismissed in less then 30 days . Mind blowing , I will be contacting chad anytime I ever need a lawyer for the rest of my life and will recommend him to all my friends and loved one with out hesitation . I don’t usually write reviews and happy to put this stuff behind me but I had to let the world know chad is the man to call if you want fight back .read more
ty d
13:42 31 Oct 19
Chad Bank is an outstanding attorney and person. He truly cared about me and my case, was always accessible, put me at ease, and most of all got the desired results! I'm from out of state and I needed an attorney in Rhode Island. My court date was less than 2 weeks away. I called Chad's office, left my contact information, and in less than an hour Chad called me and we went over the specifics. Right away Chad was on it and was communicating with me throughout the entire process. During the week, Chad told me how he thought things were going to play out and most importantly reassured me that everything was going to be okay, which was huge! In only 1 week, Chad was able to get the case dismissed and I didn't even need to go to court! I would very highly recommend Chad Bank to anyone needing an attorney. Honestly, one of the best experiences I've ever had with an attorney. Thank you Chad!read more
Scott G
20:55 21 Oct 19
I don't know how to express how incredible the team at Chad Bank has been. I had met Chad through a chance meeting at the court house. He was just a kind soul who I asked for help to find out why my son was charged. My son had never been in trouble prior to this incident so I was beside myself with worry. To find out, with the assistance of Chad, my son was charged with 2 felonies. A few days later, when trying to find an attorney for my son's case, I remembered Chad's name and reached out to him. Through Chad's hard work and diligence, he and his team were able to reduce those charges to a misdemeanor and a years probation. I am very grateful to Chad, Rory and the others who worked to have the charges reduced. Felony charges are serious and can impact you through a life time. I truly believe if it wasn't for him and his team's hard work, thorough knowledge of the law and diligence, the outcome wouldn't have been as positive as it was. My son now has a chance to pursue a career without a felony conviction that could hinder that outcome. I would highly recommend Chad more
Laurie Plante
13:36 10 Oct 19
Literally the best lawyer in the state of RI.. Chad Banks is very well respected in the court system. He is extremely professional, compassionate, honest and very confident. He is always straight forward. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone and everyone who needs a lawyer.. Miguel and I are extremely happy with all your hard work and support thank you so very much.. Hands down the very best lawyer in RIread more
Jennifer Luciano
18:01 24 Sep 19
Attorney Chad Bank is one of the best criminal justice attorneys in Rhode Island. He is well respected by his clients and colleagues in the judiciary system. I engaged his legal representation for a loved one ... when it comes to your family you simply want the best! Attorney Bank is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest , sincere and direct . He treats you and your case with utmost care , concern and respect. Throughout the process he is responsive and takes the time to speak with you. He is well prepared for court and was successful in getting charges dismissed. I cant thank him enough for what he has done ! He cares about your case and he seeks the best legal outcome ! You cant get better than that !read more
Jane Brennan
15:36 24 Sep 19
Chad provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and great attention. Upon our first sit down, he listened to every one of our concerns and proceeded to explain what was in our best interest with much detail. Although we weren’t sure Chad’s plan was best, he executed word for word what he recommended for us and things couldn’t have turned out any better than they did. Chad is absolutely amazing at what he does. He is VERY accessible, which sets him apart from most attorneys whom you would typically need to speak to 2-3 people and/or leave a message and wait forever on a call back before getting a hold of your attorney. Anytime we asked a question, he was patient and answered every single question no matter how small or silly it may have been. I would recommend that anyone looking for outstanding legal representation contact Chad immediately! Thank you Chad!read more
Jen H
00:00 12 Sep 19
Chad is a very professional, efficient, prompt, and very knowledgeable in his field. He did an amazing job working with his client and made sure he kept in frequent contact with the family. He made sure all questions, concerns, and necessities were met. As well as, reassured us every step of the way that everything would turn out well and made us very comfortable to communicate with him. Chad and his team made this difficult journey worth the fight and put everything at ease. I can't thank him enough for all that he has done and for being very reasonable. If you're looking for a lawyer that will fight for you until the end and is attentive of your family, he's the one. I definitely recommend Chad and his team to family, friends, and anyone in need of a more
Jeanny Pena
08:54 05 Sep 19
Chad works hard and has a strong knowledge of the law, always working in the best interest of his clients. He frequently reassured me everything would be okay (and it was!) and was always available to answer any questions I had. He and his team were able to help me and I can't thank them enough for all their help. I HIGHLY recommend his office to anyone who finds themselves in need of a lawyer. Thank you Chad!read more
23:59 31 Aug 19
Chad is a great lawyer and a nice person. He answers all your questions every step of the way during a very stressful and nerve wracking time. He explains everything when you have no knowledge or understanding of the law and the proceedings. He is very skilled at what he does. I highly recommend his services for any legal matter. Thank you so much for your help and assistance! You want him on your side in a difficult more
22:17 29 Aug 19
Mr. Banks cares not only about you but about what’s in your best interest. He has been loyal to me and my family and goes above and beyond every time I need him. Looking for not only a good lawyer also a friend that won’t sell you out like most corrupt lawyer’s then hire Chad and his educated team to protect you. You won’t be let down!!!!read more
Joshua Costa
19:10 26 Aug 19
When faced with a tough family situation I did not know where to turn. I knew my family needed an attorney, but I had never been in this situation before. A former co-worker recommended Chad F. Bank and put me in contact with him. Within minutes I was contacted by Chad. It was from that moment on that I knew I made the right choice for my family. Upon meeting with Chad my confidence in his ability as an attorney grew ten-fold. His professionalism and concern for my family reassured me that we would be OK. If you want positive results I recommend Attorney Chad F. more
robert gribbin
18:54 21 Aug 19
I cannot say enough good things about the people working at the Law Office of Chad Bank. During one of the most stressful times of my life Chad and his team where there to help. He was extremely professional, explained everything to me in terms I could understand and was with me each step of the way. Chad helped me out of a very tough situation and I couldn’t be anymore thankful! If you are looking for a criminal/DUI attorney, I would highly recommend Chad more
ariana espinal
14:22 15 Aug 19
Mr. Bank was prompt in his responses to our questions. His efficiency was greatly appreciated. The knowledge of the subject matter was beyond our family's expectations. Thank you Mr. Chad Bank for helping us. If anyone is looking for an attorney, look no further. You will be pleased!read more
Dr. Joyce Martin
17:46 17 Jul 19
Not knowing anything about the law or court proceedings relating to charges against me, Chad quickly reassured me that he would walk me through everything step-by-step and answer any questions I had. He was exceptional and responsive. Within weeks I had my cases dismissed. I would highly recommend Chad and his associates. I can't thank them enough for their help and assistance. Most lawyers say they know what they're doing and promise ridiculous timelines and fees. Chad knows what he's doing, charges a reasonable cost and is a man of his word. Thanks again!read more
Joshua Golden
20:13 16 Jul 19
Glad to have Chad on my side, he was confident and reassuring from our first contact. His knowledge and skills resulted in me benefiting greatly! Definitely will recommend him to family and friends. You can "Bank" on Chad! Thanks again!read more
Warren Rowlett
22:50 12 Jul 19
Attorney Chad Bank saved my life! After getting into a really tough bind and receiving my first ever criminal charges I was being held in jail. Another attorney recommended to my family Attorney Chad Bank. Chad was able to not only get me released from jail but for a very reasonable bail amount and very quickly! He explained every step of the process and was very upfront with me about what to expect never over promising. When Attorney Chad Bank says he has you covered BELIEVE HIM. Chad seems to know all of the players every step of the process which really seemed to make a significant difference in my case! I cannot thank him enough for believing in me and giving me a second more
Christopher A
23:22 11 Jul 19
From the beginning I was extremely stressed and wasn't sure where to start. I began asking around and their was four people that recommend me to Chad banks and told me their personal stories of how he helped them, so i knew I had to go see who this lawyer was, and see if he could possibly help me in any way. Chad got me in for a consult the very next day and he had all the paperwork right on hand. It was quick, Not once did he BS me he was thorough & knowledgeable, He promised me he could help me out and told me to go home and stop worrying. Within a week Chad got my case dismissed and I never even went to court, I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend him. Chat Conversation End Type a more
Denizia Gomes
00:40 04 Jul 19
This was my first time needing guidance from a lawyer and he was beyond helpful !! He was very thorough in explaining anything I didn’t understand . He is also very compassionate and honest and the nicest of guys !!!! These qualities are so valuable in a lawyer. I never had to wait long to be seen and had all of my questions answered anytime . My phone calls were also promptly returned. Looking forward to working with you again Chad. Thank you for your time and patience. I highly recommend Chad Banks for any legal matter !!!read more
Kirsten L
14:15 26 Jun 19
Chad Bank has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Chad, I felt as though my situation was is adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong. Joyce Tread more
Joyce Torres
17:21 25 Jun 19
Chad was very thorough with his information, whenever he needed to be contacted he was there quickly with his responses. I appreciate all the help he has done and is doing he was extremely helpful.Glad to have had him as my lawyer! I would recommend him to anyone who needs his more
Neishka Roldan
21:06 17 Jun 19
Best lawyer in Rhode Island hands down. Very professional kind and curious gets the job done. If I could give him 10 stars i would. Thank you MR Bank for everything will be recommending you to friends and family, Thanks again!!!!!!read more
bella bella
16:20 13 Jun 19
I highly recommend Chad Bank. From my first phone call talking to Chad I knew I called the right lawyer to take my case. He was to the point telling me it is what is. He did not tell me what I wanted to hear like most lawyers. He told me what I needed to hear. Although every case is different my results were far beyond what I expected. He aggressively went to work on my case immediately. Thank you Chad and your more
Kevin Mckinnom
18:19 09 Jun 19
Chad was amazing through this whole process. For a case that I thought was going to go on for months he got exactly what we wanted on the first court date. He is an amazing lawyer and definitely knows exactly what he’s doing and how to resolve the case that benefits his clients. I would def recommend Chad to anyone I more
Samantha Lafontaine
13:44 05 Jun 19
Worked with Chad for about a little over a year, Great work hes done. Would definitely recommend taking him. Worked on my case regarding a gun charge and got me a deal that kept me away from more
Brandon chin
15:45 08 May 19
I would HIGHLY recommend Chad F Bank to anyone needing legal counsel! I knew within the first few minutes of meeting Chad that he's the real deal. Chad was available whenever I had a question, he handled my case skillfully and aggressively and to a most favorable outcome for myself. I could not be happier with Chad's performance A++ If I ever find myself requiring an attorney in the future I would 100% hire Chad F. Bank again!read more
Gus DeSimone
00:46 18 Apr 19
Chad is an incredibly resourceful and intelligent person, who knows the legal system well. He has helped my husband at a time where we thought our case of a false accusation from a family member wasn’t going to end well, and I worried for my husbands safety, as other people(and other lawyers) told me the chances of conviction of a felony for domestic violence/assault were high and it was not going to be a easy and quick process. The process was very stressful as our case took months, but Chad from the beginning, made a promise that everything was going to be alright. BANK NEVER LIES! Chad has earned a reputation for being an astute and analytical person, being incredibly dependable, who basically knows someone in each sector of Rhode Island, and can find out useful info to help your case quickly. You can feel doubt at times, and lose hope, but Chad has proved himself worthy of his reputation, being the legal wizard that he is, my case might have gone further thanks to the State and proceeded to further prosecution, Chad made all the trouble and stress of this arduous process go away, ending in dismissal. I have no idea how, but I don’t question that he goes above and beyond in his job, and in my eyes, is the best lawyer I’ve ever met. This man knows criminal law better to a profound level, and in my case, there were times where he went ahead in court and did proceedings WITHOUT ME, as it wasn’t necessary, so I could still work and be with family and not have to worry about court. Undoubtedly, Chad’s work ethic is fantastic, and he manages to work with so many people, yet give great attention to each case, working on it constantly. Chad, beyond being a lawyer, is caring and positive guy, who makes you feel hope for the future, who’s a funny guy that can cheer you up, and IS NOT one of those greedy lawyers who doesn’t care for their clients. BANK DELIVERS RESULTS, LITTLE TALK, ALL ACTION! (unlike a lot of other lawyers in RI) Bank backs up his word with a long list of victories in the legal landscape. Believe in the BANK, no matter how difficult and dark things seem, he is a person who has seen lot of people and things and is quite wise in the advice he gives to people who have made rash decisions and has experienced it all. Don’t feel like you’re alone in this, and no one understands or knows what to do in your situation, chances are that Chad has dealt with it in the past and will not let you down. TRUST HIM, he is incredibly transparent and upfront with you. Chad’s knowledge goes into areas beyond criminal defense, and the few things he doesn’t know specifically, he sure does know someone that certainly does, and get reliable answers fast. I am eternally grateful to Chad Bank for his defense of my husband against a false accusation, against so many odds, and I know that he knew the outcome from the beginning. I’ve cried and smiled in this case with Chad, and I have to say, I’ve never regretted choosing Chad as my attorney, and I’m proud to say he has represented my family. I always wondered why he has so many great testimonials from so many people, but now I certainly know why, because THE BANK IS THE BEST, LOVE YOU CHAD!read more
Carmen S.
23:31 09 Apr 19
I highly highly highly recommend Chad Banks! From our first phone call he was very honest and told me to stop worrying and everything will be fine. He told me the worst that could happen and he was going to fight for nothing close to it, and he delivered!!! Very professional and straight forward. He didn’t stop fighting for my case until we got what we wanted. I have no hesitation in referring him to family or friends! Thank you for everything Chad! You’re the best!read more
sage buckley
17:10 02 Apr 19
I needed help fast for my daughter. Upon meeting him for the first time in his office, he was very honest and open. Did not make me or my daughter feel like her case was impossible. He said what he can do and he certainly delivered!!! Very professional and straight forward. I love the fact that he never backed down from arguing her case. I would definitely recommend him, thank you so much Mr Banks for everything!!! He gets the job done!!!!read more
Daisy Martinez
22:03 13 Mar 19
Chad has fought for me in away no other has. He was honest and precise, he found the avenues needed to support my case. Chad is extremely resourceful, and has an amazing finger on the pulse of the legal system in RI. It's very rare to find a true litigator and fighter with the kind of law knowledge Chad has. He has truly helped me to obtain my life in society at the level I deserve regardless of the legal system and has been an incredible antagonist for my rights and change...Thank You Chadread more
Joseph Medeiros
01:55 08 Mar 19
When my girlfriend asked how I knew about Chad, I said google. Honestly, she was a bit iffy but that all changed once we met. The first time we met Chad I was very impressed by his professionalism. My girlfriend and I loved his bluntness. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy who does not beat around the bush. He told us exactly what he was going to aim for and it all went exactly as he said. We can’t thank him enough for his help in the case. We will certainly use his services again if needed. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. Thanks Chad, you’re the man! - BIread more
Korissa K
04:09 26 Feb 19
From our initial consultation Chad was clear about all of the potential outcomes I was looking at and was very sincere in his approach. He was quick to remind me that I could call him whenever I had questions or concerns regarding my case. Chad listened to me when I had concerns and explained in detail how he would build my defense to increase my odds of a positive outcome. When it finally came the day for the judge to hear my case Chad had planned out my defense impeccably and as a result the matter was resolved in my favor. Chad was extremely professional and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice or consulread more
Renaissance Terrace
23:20 21 Feb 19
Chad Banks was an excellent lawyer. From day one as a client he stood by my side and fought his hardest with the courts and prosecutors for my justice. I am thankful that we chose Chad Banks as our criminal defense attorney. Without hesitation I would recommend his services to associates and family membersread more
Jordan Reid
21:12 06 Feb 19
I would highly recommend Chad to anyone I knew in the area. Me and my boyfriend live out of state and got into quite a doozy, Chad helped us with everything from beginning to en and everything between so we didn't have to stress so far away. Thankful to have bumped into him during the whole mess we were in, because he handled it without a problem and was there whenever we had any questions. He was upfront with us about all options and I know he would be our first call if anything were to happen (which it won't!) Thank you Chad for all you've done! We appreciate youread more
Abigail Poulin
23:47 05 Feb 19
I remember being really stressed in the beginning when having to deal with my situation. But after having Chad recommended to me by a good friend, upon the first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. I can say from experience, Chad makes it his mission to make you feel comfortable by expressing his expertise. I was confident that everything would turn out in my favor in the end. And it did. I’m extremely grateful and will definitely recommend Chad to my circle.👍👍read more
Mario Castańeda
01:42 24 Jan 19
Chad Banks is amazing at what he does!! The system was trying to screw me for being in wrong place at wrong time and a cop chocked me out without identifying who he was . Basically got arrested and went in front of judge. My first time being in trouble ever and as I was standing in front of judge my mom called chad and he was in the courtroom in 2 seconds and took the case and I was giving a fear ruling with him by my side!! He is amazing!!!! I would recommend if ever in trouble call Chad he is good at what he does and me and my family truly appreciate him!!read more
steven simpson
03:20 19 Jan 19
I was referred to him by another client who had nothing but high regards for him and his services. The first time we met I was impressed by his professionalism, sincerity and his bluntness. He is a no nonsense kind of guy and doesn't beat around the bush. He had told me exactly what was going to happen and what I needed to do, and it all went exactly as he said. I cant thank him enough for his help in my case and I would certainly use his services again. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. Thanx again more
Rick Delano
23:00 03 Jan 19
Chad Banks is the best attorney, he is very professional, understanding, and is always available. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with a case. Couldn’t thank him enough for helping me out !read more
21:50 02 Jan 19
Words cannot even begin to describe the appreciation I have for Chad. I’ve known Chad for four days and trust him more than most people in my life. I made a bad decision, called Chad and within seconds he was on it. He was up front and straight forward from the start and made it known he wouldn’t give me the run around. He means business and it’s clear from meeting with him that many people respect him and think highly of him. Four days is all it took for Chad to handle my situation, he met with me on Christmas Eve and took care of everything without question. Because of that I can enjoy the holidays with my family and not have to stress about what could possibly happen. This guy is a lawyer genius. He can handle any situation and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. You’ll be more than more
Bryan Devine
15:06 25 Dec 18
Top notch attorney. I could not be happier with my results. Great guy and is very knowledgeable of RI laws and court system. Wouldn't recommend anyone more
jaime gilbert
01:07 15 Dec 18
Chad F. Bank: Five Stars is not enough; 100 Stars would be more representative of this man and his teams skills! Reading the hundreds of positive reviews, that have taken all the adjectives used to describe his expertise, I keep saying how true, exactly my experience! Very reasonable fees, non judgmental, he understands people make mistakes. Extremely knowledgeable of the intricacies of Rhode Island law and great rapport with courts and personel. His positive philosophy and approach toward ones case and life in general is reassuring and encouraging. If you have a legal issue in Rhode Island, talk to Chad Bank; take his advice and counsel, he IS your best choice. Jeff and Jean Barnesread more
19:42 18 Nov 18
I would highly recommend Chad banks. He was very informative, supportive, realistic, and met every expectation. Rory represented me and he was also amazing. Very happy with their more
Amanda Barriere
23:44 30 Oct 18
Chad is the Man! fast acting with amazing results. Very professional took care of me and accommodated my situation. Gets straight to business and knows the courtroom very well highly recommended lawyer!read more
kimberly pimentel
01:44 18 Oct 18
Where do I even start Chad is an exceptional Lawyer. He makes you feel at ease and walks you through everything. He’s extremely knowledgeable. I now know that no matter what happen in the future he’s the first person I will call. Thank you Chad for all your help your the best. #1 Lawyer in RIread more
Christian De la cruz
20:41 12 Oct 18
Mr. Banks was amazing dealing with my case. He made me feel comfortable the second I met him. You could tell he had the respect of the court, from the prosecutors to the secretary to the judge. He was able to get my case dismissed after I had a bench warrant issued for a year. I highly recommend him. He’s definantly a shark. Furthermore he assured me he’d work on getting the case expunged more
Justicia Neri
20:07 04 Oct 18
I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to retain an attorney for my daughter. She had gotten herself into some legal trouble and needed good representation. So like any parent,I asked around for referrals and my search ultimately lead me to Chad F. Banks and his team. From the moment I first consulted with him I had a tremendous sense of confidence in his abilities to bring my childs legal issue to a favorable disposition, which he in fact did this afternoon. He was responsive and available to respond by phone,email,and text to address any concerns or questions I had during the legal process. He is an extremely skilled attorney and staunch advocate for his clients. Also,it should be noted that he is also very personable and easy to deal with. Going forward,if there's a time where either myself or a loved one has the misfortune to need legal counsel, I would absolutely contact Chad and his excellent staff and retain their services again. So thank you so much Attorney Banks for the service you rendered for my family today. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you again. Sincerely, Paul J. Lombardi more
Paul Lombardi
20:58 02 Oct 18
WORDS DEFY the kind of Attorney/man Chad Bank is. There IS NO OTHER like him. He CHAMPIONED my dad's cause TWICE. He imploded both his cases, (One of which had already gone through a trial with a hung jury verdict with a public defender who could only scream at him to take a bad plea deal, telling him it "was the best he was going to get".) It wasn't the best. For the BEST results, you must have the BEST criminal defense attorney. Chad f. Bank is the best. He caused all of my dad's adversaries, including a line-up of police officers, to drop cases or just walk away on the day of hearing before the court. Chad Bank "Walks the Walk" that others can only talk. We will never trust anyone else again for our loved ones caught in a legal nightmare. Chad is the real deal in criminal defense, astounding knowledge of the law, and intense commitment towards his clients makes him not only a powerful, but LETHAL ally for your defense. Results speak for themselves and his are innumerable. FOREVER more
Gionna Tabishesky
02:28 14 Sep 18
Chad Bank is very professional and personable. Mr. Bank impressed me with his knowledge of the law he was straightforward and very clear. He worked very hard for me and was able to have my case dismissed. If you want the best then you definitely want to hire Mr. Bank. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me. I highly recommend Mr. Bank and his more
Franchesca Rodriguez
22:52 10 Sep 18
ONCE AGAIN, Chad worked his magic. This is a very hard working, knowledgeable and confident attorney who will tell you the truth and keep his promise. I highly recommend Chad Bank. Amazing. Attorney Chad Bank answered my phone call at 5 AM. He cleared up a very serious matter that same morning. Very good more
Laura Lee
19:23 17 Aug 18
Never had any run-ins with the law. Ever. Suddenly, there was an incident in my home and I was wrongfully charged with a domestic violence crime for protecting a family member. I needed my criminal record to be squeaky clean again, because my employment, and ultimately my future, was at stake. I wasted no time looking for the best lawyer I could find online for my situation. I needed someone who would brush this mess under the rug quickly and with little to no work on my part. Chad was that man. The guy doesn't pull any punches. He tells you exactly like it is up front. He tells you you don't need to worry about a damn thing, 'cause he'll take care of it all. I was skeptical at first. Very skeptical. But my skepticism was misplaced. He was right, and so were all the other 5-star reviews. Once you hire Chad for the job, he'll get it done. Your job is to show up to court. He does the rest. Simple as that. Need more convincing? The guy's office is literally across the street from the courthouse. It's his damn backyard. His stomping grounds. He practically lives there. Everyone else is just a guest. Oh, and if you're worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer, I get it. I was there. Chad is a reasonable man. He gets it, too. He knows we're not all walking around, ready to pull out wads of cash from our pockets in a moment's notice, so he'll do his best to work with you as he did with me. I don't think you can say the same for a lot of other lawyers. So do yourself a favor and hire this man to put your life back on track. You'll be glad you more
Jerry Villegas
18:09 08 Aug 18
Chad definitely gets the job DONE !!! I highly recommend him to represent anyone. I'm from Massachusetts and contacted Chad for a case that was in RI and without hesitation he took on the case and did exactly what he said he was going to do and expunge the case within a month. His assistants was great with relaying the messages to him when I had any questions or concerns and he would contact me the same day with answers. Overall you will not go wrong by having Attorney Chad Bank representing you. Thanks Chad and your team for doing what you do !!!!!read more
Sandrine Ribeiro
17:43 08 Aug 18
Chad F Banks and his team are one of the best lawyer team's I've ever had the pleasure to have represent us. Strong very confident clearly knows his way in the courtroom. When he walks info that courtroom his confidence beams. And he immediately takes control NO disrespect to the Judge of course. Professional in every way Chad clearly explains every detail about your case immediately. He says what he is going to do for you and gets it done .I was amazed how he just get things done. NO question without a doubt IF I said IF we should ever need professional assistance in any case CHAD F BANKS and his team will be on our more
Michael Chalk
01:24 27 Jul 18

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