Downtown Providence - Best Restaurants in Providence RI

Best Restaurants in Providence

Durk's Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in Providence that is located on the Thayer Street. The brains behind setting up this joint are Steve Durkee and Jake Rojas. One orders on paper and later pick it up. Some of the top dishes in the menu are pork ribs, smoky brisket which can either be sliced or chopped.

The Kleos Restaurant

Heard of the Kleos Restaurant? It is a restaurant that serves Greek food in Providence RI. It is located right next to Oberlin. The people behind the managing of Kleos Restaurant are Tom Bovis together with Lauren Lynch. They are the same people running the Rosalina restaurant. This can guarantee you of amazing delicacies offered. The food is well prepared with plentiful olive oil, lemon and not forgetting feta. The menu is classic and well planned.

Knead Doughnuts Restaurant

Looking for a joint where you can have a taste of all the bakery delicacies? Then the Knead Doughnuts restaurant is the place to visit. It was recently opened in Downcity. It is mostly a doughnut craze joint. Some of the food experts such as Bryan Gibb, Adam Lastrina, and Todd Mackey do serve there. This can assure you of the quality doughnuts you should expect. The fact that Knead Doughnut restaurant delivers doughnuts anywhere in downtown becomes an added advantage. Knead Doughnut is one of the best Restaurants in Providence that you ought to visit.

The East End restaurant

The East End restaurant is located in the Wickenden Street near the Brown University. This is a good joint for whiskey lovers in Providence RI. Once in a while, the restaurant offers organized tastings of whiskey and frequent talks. There are various snacks offered in the restaurant. There is a bar inside that has an astounding vibe whereas on the outside there is a thriving seasonal patio.

Jahunger Restaurant

This is a modest restaurant opened on the Wickended Street in the summer season. The set up of the restaurant will surely amaze you. There are dishes such as lamb stakes which are mixed with cumin-heavy lamb and saucy chunks of naan-like bread. They also offer ding ding noodles, the stubby hunks of dough with is a zesty broth.

Den Den Korean Fried Chicken

Heard of the buzz about the recently opened joint on the Thayer Street? The restaurant offers well-cooked Korean fried chicken. It is prepared with drumsticks and wings. The drumsticks have this thin, crackly crust that’s highly addictive. Other foods on the menu are Korean barbecue, spicy cake rice, and rumen. The restaurant is opened from 11 am to 11 pm.

Bayberry Beer Hall Restaurant

The restaurant is located next to the North Bakery and Bucktown restaurants. It has well set high ceilings with shared tables. Tom and Natalie Dennen are the owners of this outstanding joint. They were inspired by the collective feeling of Munich biergartens not forgetting the New England brews and ingredients. One orders at the bar and later picks up his/her food when the buzzer calls.

Pastaio Restaurant

Are you a lover of pasta? Then Pastaio restaurant should become your favorite joint once you visit the place. It is located on the West End. The two talented graduates of the Johnson and Wales University, Adam Baffoni and Bethany Caliaro, are the owners of this restaurant. Adam, having been brought up in Rhodes Island, brings the local earth-driven ethos to the table. Some of the highly rated meals in the menu are the pasta accompanied with chicken liver, chicken sausage etc. Make a point of visiting Pastaio Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Providence.

Rebelle Artisan Bagels

This restaurant has an outstanding variety of dishes to offer. It is located on the East Side of Providence, RI. Bagels restaurant offers cream cheese which can either be in strawberry flavor or kimchi. The fact that the restaurant uses Arthur flour makes the food have an outstanding taste. Bagels also offer to sell out before its closing time.

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