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Anyone can get a DUI, even with as little as 1 drink, you could still blow above the legal limit on the breathalyzer. But did you know that the FIRST roadside breathalyzer test does not count? It’s the second breathalyzer test at the station that does. Did you know that if a police officer does not explicitly ask you if you want to take a blood test that ALL breathalyzer tests can be disregarded? Did you know that the police officer has to have a legal reason to stop you (speeding, swerving, not stopping at a stop light) and cannot merely pull you over because you’re driving at 2 AM and the likelihood of you being drunk is higher. Did you know that you could get a DUI reduced to a “wet reckless” charge or that that if you complete substance abuse classes ahead of your plea bargain, you can get a reduced sentence? These are the type of facts that Casino Crime Attorney Chad Bank can walk you through so that a lapse in judgment doesn’t become a scarlet letter on your record. DUI charges in Rhode Island mean JAIL TIME, even for a first offense, huge fines, and a suspended driver’s license. But with an informed lawyer like Chad Bank, you can get that DUI charge dismissed or reduced, which will save your life, your freedom, your record, and your peace of mind.

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Chad Bank specializes in more crime than DUIs, he serves the Casino area in Rhode Island, which tends to have high crime, from fights to theft to felonies, like cheating at gambling. Chad is the Casino Crime Attorney you want defending you as he knows police and casino procedure. If you’re overwhelmed by a bachelor party that went sour or verbals barbs that turned physical, Chad is the Casino Crime Attorney that gives you your best chance in court. The key is, ALWAYS plead “not guilty” to give yourself your best chance. You never know what the full scope and story of your case until you have a Casino Crime Attorney involved to review ALL the facts and to verify that others involved followed proper procedure. At a stressful and overwhelming time where you worry your life and freedom have slipped away, having a lawyer's support and insight to give you your best chance is absolutely crucial. Best yet, Chad Bank offers a FREE consultation to start,. You meet Chad and get to see that he is the best Casino Crime Attorney for your case. He can even offer his expert legal advice to help you get a handle on your situation, as well as the best case or worst case scenarios. Call Casino Crime Attorney Chad Bank today for your free consultation at 401-229-5088!