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Assault and battery offenses are among the most common criminal offenses committed in todays society. Rhode Island Assault Attorney Chad Bank is ready to fight on your behalf. The legal definition of assault is the act of purposefully placing another person in imminent harm or offensive contact with or without the intent to cause physical injury.Rhode Island Assault and Battery Attorney Chad F Bank

There are several types of assault and battery offenses:

  • Simple Assault
  • Felony assault by use of devices similar in appearance to a firearm
  • Assault with intent to commit a felony
  • Assault of schoolteachers school officials or other school department employees
  • Battery Criminal negligence
  • Assault with dangerous weapon in dwelling house
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
  • Felony Assault
  • Assault on persons 60 years of age or older causing serious bodily injury
  • Assault or battery for purpose of causing unconsciousness

Rhode Island Penalties for Assault

There are a variation of degrees identified in these offenses. Each state varies in criteria and penalties ranging from the First Degree to the Fifth Degree. First degree assault is deemed the most serious while Fifth degree assault is often the most common and categorized as a misdemeanor offense.

Being found guilty of assault and battery charges can impose severe penalties. However, having an experienced criminal defense attorney aggressively representing your defense as early as possible can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Our Rhode Island law office has successfully defended thousands of assault cases and leverages our resources to conduct thorough investigations on behalf of our clients best interest. We understand the hardships faced when charged with criminal offenses. These charges not only impact your personal life but also the lives of your loved ones. Our legal experts are highly noted for our aggressive and compassionate approach to criminal defense.

Do not leave your future to chance. If you or a loved one has been charged with an assault or battery offense contact our law office today. Call 401-573-2265 immediately to speak with Rhode Island Assault and Battery Attorney Chad Bank.
11-5-2 Felony assault. – Every person who shall make an assault or battery or both with a dangerous weapon which results in serious bodily injury shall be punished. The sentence is imprisonment for not more than twenty 20 years.

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