Experienced Providence Assault Lawyer

In Rhode Island, assault is a serious charge that can result in serious consequences, so if you’ve been arrested for assault, contact the Providence assault lawyer that Rhode Island residents have trusted for more than a decade: Chad Bank!

When should you call the Providence assault lawyer you can trust?

In Rhode Island, someone can be charged with a few different types of assault, depending on the type of crime and the severity therein.

  1. A simple assault charge is a misdemeanor crime which can range from threatening to harm someone via verbal communication, to trying to hit someone. In Rhode Island, one can be charged with simple assault even if harm doesn’t come to the intended victim.
  2. A simple battery charge is a misdemeanor crime that can come from unwanted contact of any kind, such as a slap, kick, punch, or a pinch. As in the case of simple assault, one can be charged with the crime even if harm doesn’t come to the intended victim, but unlike a simple assault charge, actual physical contact with the intended victim must occur to be charged with simple battery.
  3. A domestic violence charge is an added penalty that can be added to assault and battery charge in the case of a domestic dispute. If there is any familial, or romantic, relationship that exists between the two parties in question, an added layer of charges can result.

Contact Chad Bank the Premier assault lawyer to handle all your cases!

No matter if you’ve been charged with simple assault, simple battery, or domestic violence, you will need the aid of a trusted Providence assault lawyer like Chad Bank to handle your case. Chad Bank will aggressively fight for your rights by investigating every aspect of the case for any reasonable doubt. That’s why he’s a top Providence assault lawyer and has been so for more than a decade.

If you’ve been charged with assault, battery, or domestic violence, contact the premier Providence assault lawyer – Chad Bank – to handle your case immediately.