Brown University Criminal Defense

Brown University Criminal Defense
Were you arrested on criminal charges? Was your child accused of a crime at Brown University? You are not alone. According to USA Today one in three young adults will be arrested by the time they turn 23. If you are one of the many college students accused of a crime you need an experienced Brown University criminal defense attorney. Attorney Chad F. Bank has successfully defended many clients, who have faced misdemeanor and felony charges.

Common College Crimes

You want a Brown University criminal defense attorney who has successfully helped those accused of an assortment of offenses. Chad is well versed in criminal cases.

Brown University Criminal Defense – Here are charges we specialize in defending


  • DUI: Rhode Island takes DUI charges very seriously. A DUI conviction can lead to jail time, probation, license suspension, and expensive fines. However, there may also be scholastic penalization for college students. The police will notify Brown University. Those convicted can lose scholarships, student housing or even get expelled from school. You need a Brown University criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.
  • Drug Charges: College life can be stressful. Between exams, expenses, and social pressures, many students use drugs or alcohol to escape. Even a simple marijuana charge can get you up to one year in jail. You do not want a criminal record. As with a DUI, drug charges can affect your financial aid and other aspects of college success. Chad can help your Brown University criminal defense.
  • Fake ID: Depending on the circumstances, this could be a misdemeanor or felony. You certainly do not want a felony on your record. Convicted felonies face high criminal penalties and negative social stigma. Many employers will not hire a convicted felon. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is important.
  • Hazing: Rhode Island defines hazing as an organized initiation activity which is reckless and endangers the well-being of another person. Again, getting a criminal charge is not the way you want to start your adult life. Possible penalties include jail time, fines and loss of college scholarship. Don’t let one mistake set you up for failure. Get help from a Brown University criminal defense attorney.
  • Underage Drinking: It is illegal to have or consume alcohol if you are under the age of 21. However, Rhode Island does allow for exceptions to this law. Chad will evaluate your possible defense during a free consultation.

Brown University Criminal Defense Attorney Chad F Bank

If you are a student facing criminal charges, you need an experienced private criminal defense attorney that is fighting for the best possible outcome for you. Chad has helped many Rhode Islanders fight criminal charges. You are not the first student to make a mistake. Attorney Chad F. Bank will defend your rights, so you can get back to enjoying the college experience. Call us today at 401-573-2265 for a free consultation.