DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents know that getting arrested for drunk driving can lead to severe penalties. These include:

  • Hefty fines
  • License suspensions
  • Jail time
Not all DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island are the same. The RI DUI Guy - Chad F Bank has the experience you can trust to handle your case. His team is prepared if first time getting arrested or you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving in the past.

What are the benefits of working with DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island like Chad F Bank?

Chad is an experienced RI DUI Lawyer that has worked with Rhode Island residents for more than 19 years. Attorney Bank has earned a reputation for being a top drunk driving lawyer that vigorously defends the rights of his clients. Chad gets them the best possible results. There are several benefits to hiring Chad to handle your drunk driving case.

DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island Know RI DUI Laws

Providence DUI Lawyer Chad Bank understands RI DUI Laws better than the average attorney because of his vast experience. Chad knows the ins and outs of the RI criminal justice system. He has also developed relationships with prosecutors, judges, and other ancillary staff in the courtroom. Having those types of relationships makes a difference in how quickly your case is heard before the judge and how well the outcome turns out in your favor.

We Understand Technology

DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island like Chad understand the latest technology that’s used by law enforcement officers. Part of knowing this technology includes understanding how that technology can go wrong. One example is understanding what it means for you when a breathalyzer isn’t calibrated properly before it’s administered to you? This can be used to raise reasonable doubt in the case against you.

Chad Understands RI Prosecutors

DUI Lawyers like Chad Bank can negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. One of the best-kept secrets of the criminal justice system is that prosecutors prefer to plead out as many of their cases as they possibly can. Not all plea bargains are designed the same way. This is why having a Rhode Island DUI attorney like Chad Bank on your side to defend your rights can help you get a plea bargain that works best for you.For more information about Chad Bank and to find out for yourself why they are the best DUI Lawyers in Rhode Island to handle your case contact us today for your free no obligation consultation at 401-229-5088.
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