Domestic Violence Attorney in Providence

Domestic Violence Attorney in Providence ImageGetting arrested for domestic violence in Rhode Island is no minor matter. Even a first-time conviction for Domestic Assault can lead to serious consequences. If you need a domestic violence attorney in Providence you should call Chad right away. RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad F Bank has 19 years of experience as a domestic violence attorney. He is the top rated defense lawyer in Providence and fights for the best result for his clients. You can see from his over 550 positive reviews that clients have trusted him to vigorously defend their rights and get them the justice they deserve.

Why do you need to hire a domestic violence attorney in Providence?

Whenever arrested for domestic violence charges there are severe consequences one might face and without proper legal representation. You can get fined, put on probation or sentenced to jail.

A few of the many crimes that can get you charged with domestic violence include:
  1. You have a protective order in place and you violate that order by encountering the other party.
  2. Commiting felony-level assault on any member of your family
  3. Allegations that you commited any crime that results in an injury to your family member
  4. You commit any act that causes a member of your family to fear the consequence of injury
Even if it was just something said “in the heat of the moment” can hurt you. Even if you didn’t mean to incite fear in your family member’s mind. You can find yourself facing very serious charges that include:
  • penalties of extensive fines
  • enrollment in a mandatory treatment program
  • even jail time
IUf charged you should immediately enlist the aid of the top domestic violence attorney in Providence. Mr. Bank has made it his mission to personally investigate the details of every case he handles. Chad stops at nothing to fight for your rights. He also is pleased to offer a free, no obligation consultation to every new client so that he can see the best course of action for your case. If you’ve been arrested on a domestic violence charge contact RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad F Bank today. Find out for yourself why he’s the domestic violence attorney that you can count on!