Do you have kidnapping charges against you in Rhode Island? These occurrences are often found in the confusion of custody battles between parents. The complexity surrounding these very sensitive circumstances can sometimes lead to criminal charges.

At The Law Office of Chad F Bank, we believe that everyone should be aware of his or her rights even when accused of alleged criminal activity. We want our clients to be educated and well informed of their legal options, rights and responsibilities. Because of the heightened emotion that may occur in a kidnapping case we recommend the accused to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. There are several instances in which the crime may stem from the results of a custody battle or another legal issue. It is pertinent to know the classifications of kidnapping charges as it pertains to the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Classifications of Kidnapping

  • Assault
  • First Degree
  • Second Degree

What Determines the Penalties for Kidnapping Charges?

In the state of Rhode Island each category of kidnapping carries its own penalties. The penalties assigned to each category grows as the severity of the crime increases. First Degree Kidnapping, also defined as Assault Kidnapping, is the most severe assignment for kidnapping charges. These charges are given when some form of physical harm or violence is inflicted against the victim. The penalties associated with first degree kidnapping include a minimum sentence of twenty years of imprisonment, substantial fines and extensive probation penalties. Second Degree Kidnapping penalties are slightly less severe in correlation of the act without any physical harm or violence against the victim.

We understand the anxiety coupled with facing criminal charges. The unsurety of your future and your freedom at stake can present many questions. We’re here to help you sort through those questions and find the best strategy for your personal circumstances. If you have you been charged with kidnapping in Rhode Island contact Rhode Island Kidnapping Defense Attorney Chad Bank to schedule your consultation today at 401-229-5088.