When you think of the top party schools in America, the usual answers are University of Arizona, Florida State University, and the University of South California just to name a few. One school that usually never makes a list is the University of Rhode Island. The University of Rhode Island had one of the highest rates of binge drinking in the nation. The school suffered consequences because this created an environment of sexual assaults, injuries related to alcohol and drug use, vandalism, hazing, and drunk driving. The University of Rhode Island DUI penalties were made tougher as wel as other remedial actions.

URI Culture Change

The university took significant steps to reform the culture around their school. Dr. Robert Carothers was spearheading this movement, the President of the University. He once said, “We found that there were deep and broad roots of alcohol [abuse] throughout the campus community.” The first thing he did was ban alcohol from all school events. Before this change in policy, the University of Rhode Island would send fifty to sixty kids a year to the emergency room during homecoming due to alcohol poisoning. After changing this policy, homecoming gave off a more family friendly and safe feel. Summer home residents, athletes, and fraternities were also made a special target of campus police. The incoming freshman also had to attend seminars on drug abuse, high-risk drinking, and sexual assault. For those students who had drug and alcohol problems supports were created for them. These include screenings, interventions, support groups, as well as referrals to off-campus professionals.

Carothers at a freshman welcoming event went as far to say “If you are coming here to have a good time and abuse drugs and alcohol, please do us all a favor: go somewhere else.” Some of Carothers policies met some resistance. Eight fraternities were shut down at the school, and four of the houses were bulldozed. Neighbors of the University also had concerns. The neighbors thought that the new policies put in place would push students into their neighborhoods and away from campus. Lastly, even the police department resisted the new changes. Many police officers would work as security for these parties when they were off duty. These officers moonlighting jobs brought them a decent amount of revenue, and they did not want to give that away.

University of Rhode Island DUI Penalties

Carothers developed a three strike policy. Your first violation results in a fine and alcohol education. Your second violation gets you a larger fine, along with probation. Lastly, if you get caught a third time, a suspension is automatic. These are the consequences given out by the school; these do not include possible criminal violations. During this period, the University of Rhode Island DUI penalties received an overhaul. A URI DUI attorney can help you better understand the specifics of your case. The ramifications are generally as follows.

1st Offense

  • Up to one year in jail
  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Up to 18-month license suspension

2nd Offense

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Up to 2 years license suspension

3rd Offense

  • Up to 5 years in jail
  • Up to $5,000 in fines
  • Minimum 2 years‚Äô license suspension

Other school consequences include:

  • Loss of Scholarships
  • Kicked out of Campus Housing
  • Expulsion
  • University Probation

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University of Rhode Island DUI Penalties Can Have a Lasting Impact on Your Life

The service Mr. Bank can provide is invaluable as DUI’s can have a lasting impact on your life. A DUI conviction automatically eliminates you from certain government jobs. Having a DUI on your record also makes it virtually impossible to receive certain licenses and certifications. Non-government employers will also be hesitant to hire you as you create a liability for them and their company. In some cases, your college or university will ask you to change your major. A college will do this when they know your DUI will negatively impact your ability to find a career in your field.

By having Mr. Bank in your corner, your chances of not being convicted of DUI improve significantly. This can have a lasting impact on your life. By being found not guilty of DUI you are not starting life after college at a disadvantage. When first graduating from college it is vital to find a job and having a DUI bring a lot of baggage that employers are looking to stay away from.