With the changing of the guard often comes a change in regulations which affect the Rhode Island Drug Crime Rates. The guidelines for drug crimes are being debated across the nation. Should marijuana be considered an illegal substance? Should its medicinal benefits outweigh its reputation for criminal activity? Wherever you stand on the issue there are many cases hanging between the borders of both decisions. The confusing information released by media outlets only raises more questions about the clarity of laws regarding drug offenses.

As a criminal defense attorney I am committed to representing each of my clients with well-versed knowledge and the experience to protect their rights and their reputation. In drug charges an arrest or criminal accusation can be a life-altering experience. Facing drug crime charges can leave a tremendously negative impact on your family structure and your family’s resources. Over the years I have helped hundreds of clients navigate the complex legal waters of drug offenses. Don’t let a false accusation or a one-time mistake ruin your life. In a recent study of Rhode Island Drug Crime Rates, Rhode Island showed up at the head of the class in marijuana and illicit drug use.

Rhode Islanders continue to use marijuana and illicit drugs at the highest rates in the nation, according to a recently released annual survey.

Rhode Island Drug Crime Rates – Charges

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