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Rhode Island DWI AttorneyChad Bank is the premier Rhode Island DWI attorney to call upon in the event you’ve been arrested for a DWI. He has handled the toughest of cases, successfully, because of his extensive knowledge of Rhode Island DWI law. As the most trusted Rhode Island DWI attorney in the area, Chad Bank can serve as your best defense against even the worst charges of DWI.

Why should you call a Rhode Island DWI lawyer if you’ve been arrested?

Here is just a small list of reasons why you need to call Chad Bank, the award-winning RI DUI Lawyer, if you’ve been arrested.
  • You’ve been arrested before, for the same charge. Rhode Island has very strict DWI lawss – in fact, if you’ve been arrested more than one time for a DWI, you run the risk of having your license suspended for up to 2 years, and you also risk jail time. Hiring Chad Bank, the well-respected Providence DUI Lawyer, will help save you from a severe penalty and jail time!
  • An experienced private attorney will give you a better outcome thsn a public defender. As someone with more than 19 years of experience handling even the most complicated of DWI cases, Chad Bank is the Rhode Island DUI Attorney you can trust.
  • You need someone who can provide you with realistic outcomes to your case. Prior results do not guarantee future success, but one of the main reasons why Chad Bank has become the RI DWI attorney the residents can trust is because he’s able to level with them. He can tell you the realistic outcome of your case, and work tirelessly with you to help bring about the best-case scenario.

Contact the Rhode Island DWI lawyer you can trust with your case today!

No two cases are the same, so that’s why it’s important to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank the second you’ve been arrested. For more information about us, and our premier Rhode Island DWI attorney services, contact us today!

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