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There is a lot to know about RI DUI blood tests. A police officer uses the test to see if a driver was too intoxicated to drive. A DUI blood test will also tell what drugs if any are in a persons system. The police officer will use the results from these tests to determine whether or not the driver should be charged with A DUI. The question is how valid are these DUI blood tests in RI?

Do You Have To Submit To a DUI Blood Test in Rhode Island

The state statutes of Rhode Island say that you need to adhere and comply with a blood test. By operating your car you are agreeing to the laws in place and agreeing to submit to all tests.

If you refuse a blood test in RI the punishment ranges from a traffic citation to an automatic license suspension.

The first time you refuse to take a DUI blood test in RI it is a civil violation which comes with a $200 to $500 fine. On top of that you might also face community service hours and a suspension of your license for up to a year. With every subsequent arrest the punishment gets more severe.

How Accurate are these Tests

This is the million-dollar question. So you cant refuse to take a test but how accurate are they? Compared to a breathalyzer test, they are much more accurate. Some officers might start with a breathalyzer and then depending on the results request a DUI blood test. A breathalyzers results will vary over time as the alcohol gets diluted in the person. A blood test however will give the exact levels of the chemicals in your body. Alcohol is one of the chemicals in question. Blood tests are considered the most reliable way to check for alcohol content in someones body in the field after an officer pulls you over in Rhode Island.

Factors that Go into a DUI Blood Tests Accuracy

There are some things that determine how accurate the blood test is. The first one is a matter of time. If an officer waits too long then the blood results will not paint an accurate picture. The alcohol content in your body goes down over time. The longer it takes for the blood test to take place the lower the alcohol reading they will get. If the sample comes in contact with a contaminant then the result will be null. That is why they take a lot of care when they draw the blood.


The police have to make sure the sample goes into a special container and it is stored correctly. If the blood is not stored correctly the results will be skewed. The sample needs to be at the right temperature and it needs to be examined within a certain amount of time. Any deviation from these two factors will result in a skewed result.

DUI Blood Tests in RI – The final factor

The sample needs to be transferred and transported with the right subject. There are laws that govern who can take the blood and transport the sample and then examine it. Chain of custody is everything. If any of these events happened to your sample then the results of your DUI blood test might not stand up in Rhode Island court.

The Process of a DUI Blood Test in RI

There is a process that has to be legally adhered to.

  • The blood can only be taken by a licensed medical professional. This could be a doctor or a nurse or a trained medical staff member or emergency medical technician. If a police officer tries to draw the blood or there is no supervision during the process the results will not stand.
  • You also cannot have your blood taken without being read your rights by a police officer. You have to consent to the blood being drawn and if they do not read your rights then they cannot charge you and use the blood drawn against you.
  • If the police officer does not have a medical staff member nearby they might transport you to a location to have the blood drawn.
  • The police officer needs a warrant to draw your blood for DUI blood tests in RI. At that point you may request a urine sample or a breathalyzer instead. If neither of those tests is available then you will have to do a blood test.

You Can Challenge DUI Blood Tests in RI Court

Though you can not refuse to take one you can challenge the results of one. If you have a good Rhode Island DUI Attorney in your corner you can fight the results.

We have the right experience and knowledge to know what parts of the law are applicable to your case. The results of a DUI blood test in RI can have long lasting impacts on your life. Put our experience to work for you.

A DUI can ruin your future ability to gain employment and it can lead to lengthy jail time. Do not put your future in the hands of an overworked public defender. When it comes to a DUI charge in Rhode Island you need to have experience on your side. With over 800 5 star reviews in Google we pride ourselves on getting you the best possible result. Call us today at 401-573-2265 for a free consultation so we can start planning your DUI Defense. Office in Downtown Providence.

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