RI DUI Defense Lawyer Chad F. Bank

DUI Defense Lawyer
Two-thirds of the population will be in a DUI related crash. Are you one of millions who have been arrested for a DUI? It is always best to call a cab after drinking. However, we all make mistakes. Don’t let one mistake ruin your life. Contact a DUI defense Lawyer. With the right knowledge and experience, we can help. Many clients have gotten their charges and penalties reduced. We are also sometimes able to get all charges dropped.

Rhode Island DUI Law

Each day 27 Americans die due to drunk driving accidents. DUIs are seen as a serious offense. Those arrested may face strict penalties. Some of these penalties include loss of your driver’s license, pricey fines and fees and possibly even jail time.

There are many factors that impact penalization. For example, if you are under 21 you face a different set of DUI laws. Those caught driving a commercial vehicle may also face stiffer consequences. Past DUI convictions weigh in heavily. Even when you are found guilty of charges, the judge has discretion in the penalties he assigns. This is why it is important to hire the right DUI Defense Lawyer. Your legal defense will decide your fate. You don’t want the judge to through the book at you.

Choosing a DUI Defense Lawyer

Now that you have been charged with a DUI, you are in need of immediate legal counsel. You want to find a DUI defense lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases, hard working and open to communication.

DUI Defense Lawyer Chad F. Bank has been helping Rhode Island DUI defendants for many years. Chad is an RI Criminal Defense Lawyer and much of his work is concentrated on DUI cases. He knows how to help you. Once Chad begins working your case, he will personally look through every detail. He is skilled at finding evidence and mistakes that will help your case. Legal knowledge is useless without carefully examining your case. Every step of the way Chad will keep in touch with you. You will be notified of all updates and changes. Our office is also available to answer your questions.

Contact DUI Attorney Chad Bank

If you or someone you know is in need of a DUI defense lawyer, call our office today. Chad is available 24/7 and has an office in Downtown Providence across the street from the courthouse. and provides free consultations. Call 401-229-5088 for your free no obligation consultation. Let Chad help you get your life back to normal.