Date: 12-17-14
Charge: DUI and Refusal

Facts: Client was driving home late after a night of bar hopping. The Police stop my
client for driving erratically. Police approach the car and smell alcohol permeating
from my client’s breath and his eyes are bloodshot and watery. Police ask client where
he is coming from and if he has been drinking. Client responds in the affirmative and
is removed from the car. The Police begin to talk to the client and can sense that the
client does not understand them. Client does not speak English, only Spanish. Police
began to have client perform the Filed Sobriety Tests and client fails. Client is arrested
and brought to the station and asked to take the breathalyzer, client refuses. The whole
time the Police never get a Spanish interpreter to communicate with the client.

Disposition: DUI: Amended to Reckless Driving, No Loss of License
Refusal: Dismissed