Rhode Island DUI Accident Attorney

DUI Accident Attorney
Have you been arrested for DUI? Was your vehicle involved in an accident? If you answered yes you need an experienced DUI accident attorney. You are facing serious charges that may lead to both criminal and civil cases. Chad Bank Law has an experienced legal staff well educated on Rhode Island DUI law that are here for you 24 hours a day. He is a top rated Rhode Island DUI Attorney for the 5th straight year in 2020.

What are the DUI Laws in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island takes DUI cases very seriously. When caught driving under the influence you face fines, license suspension and possibly even jail time. Here are some possible consequences when caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level BAC .08 or higher:

First Offense:

  • 100 – 300 fine
  • Up to One Year in Jail
  • License Suspended 30 180 days

Second Offense:

  • 400 – 1000 in fines 10 Days 1 Year in Jail
  • 10 days to One year in Jail
  • License suspended One to Two Years

Third Offense

  • 400 to 5000 in fines
  • One to Five years in Jail
  • License suspended for at least Two Years

The actual penalties inflicted depend on other variables such as your age and BAC level. You can find more information on DUI laws at the Rhode Island Bar Association, but for the most realistic outlook you should contact a DUI accident attorney. When your vehicle was involved in an accident there are even more variables that need to be considered.

If the accident caused injury or death, the case becomes a different ball game. Possible consequences become even harsher. Even if this is your first DUI charge you may face one to fifteen years in jail, license revocation for up to five years, and fines as high as 10,000. If the accident caused damage, you may even be held liable in civil court. It is imperative that any individual facing these charges immediately contacts a DUI accident attorney.

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Chad Bank is a Providence DUI accident attorney with ample experience in criminal defense, DUI law and personal injury law. These are all aspects of a DUI accident case. He has handled criminal cases in Federal Court and is a member of the Rhode Island Bar. You can not afford not to hire an experienced and knowledgeable DUI accident attorney. Call our office today at 401-573-2265. We will look through all of your case details and deduce an action plan tailored to you. We will fight to protect your right and get you back to living a normal life.