To the office of Chad Bank

I was pulled over for a DUI in the summer, with the risk of losing my license in Rhode Island. It was my first offense and I didn’t know what to do! Chad was the first lawyer that I reached out to via email. He was very efficient and got back to me within the same day, not to mention, on a Sunday. When I met with him he was very professional and to the point. All in all, Chad got me acquitted of the DUI and the refusal of the Breathalyzer. This being my first charge I was very nervous to walk into the courtroom but Chad made me feel comfortable and confident.

Chad Banks believes in being there for his clients when they need him. If he has free time for a period during the business day he returns phone calls, text and e-mails as fast as possible, the same business day, using the latest in technology that he always carry’s with him. A lawyer needs to listen to the client, really understand what the client wants and needs, and work within that framework. Chad recognizes that many of a lawyer’s future clients come from existing clients, and he seeks to make his clients so pleased with his services that they are eager to send their friends and family to him.