I had my P.A.C. date today for my firearm charge and my record is a mile
long in which I’m not proud of. I hired Mr.Chad Bank for my defense after
talking to a few different lawyers in the state. This man was a GODSEND I
was told by other lawyers 5 years to serve tons of probation, 8 to serve
again tons of probation. MY NEW LIFE LONG LAWYER got me 5 suspended and 5
probation without a day in jail. I ALMOST FELL DOWN…… those who are
unfamiliar with gun cases, after u are arraigned in 5g you go to gun
court in in front of Krouse. He’s know joke. Mr. Bank got me my deal
right out of 6th district 1st court date. He is amazing, price was more
than fare. THANK YOU SO MUCH CHAD!!!!!!!! You are a star and saved my
family from so much heartache and saved me so much time and money. Words
haven’t been invented to tell you how grateful I am.

The Law Office of Chad F Bank

127 Dorrance St
Providence , RI 02903

Phone: 401-229-5088

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