Fight against your shoplifting charge with a professional RI criminal defense shoplifting attorney. A shoplifting charge is a result of the last minute impulsive behavior. The person who shoplifts usually feels a sense of guilt and is remorseful about his/her action. If you’re in that position and you’ve made a mistake, and have been arrested for shoplifting, don’t get down in the dumps. Everybody makes mistakes. However, the aftermath and consequence of that mistake can be very serious. Getting a criminal conviction of shoplifting can have an impact on the rest of your life. There is a solution to neutralize the effect if you act promptly. Call Chad F. Bank, An RI criminal defense shoplifting attorney for a consultation on a shoplifting charge in Rhode Island.

Understanding the Laws Regarding Shoplifting in Rhode Island

Shoplifting is a serious crime. Shoplifting in Rhode Island is a crime that has serious repercussions. The crime of shoplifting in Rhode Island can result in penalties and time in jail. Furthermore, shoplifters face criminal consequences. Also, shoplifters will be sued by merchants in civil court to recover damages.

What Is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is a broad term. Shoplifting in Rhode Island includes things like stealing from a retail setting. Another way of shoplifting is changing the price tags. Taking a shopping cart from a store is shoplifting. Ultimately the intention of shoplifting is when a person attempts to hide merchandise and takes it without paying the purchase price. Those who sell merchandise who observe a person in the act of shoplifting can detain that person. The merchant can then call the police and detain the suspect for up to an hour. The merchant can only detain the suspect on the grounds of the merchant’s store. Here are some shoplifting statistics.

Rhode Island Shoplifting Penalties, an RI Criminal Defense Shoplifting Attorney Can Help

First time shoplifting offense- A fine no less than $50. A fine no less than double the retail value of the merchandise. Fine cannot be greater than $500. Jail time of up to one year.

Shoplifting using items to aid in the theft- A fine that ranges from $500-$5000. Jail time up to 5 years.

Shoplifting items with a value over $100 that has a previous shoplifting violation- A fine as high as $5000 and up to 5 years in jail.

Civil Liability

Merchants can sue shoplifters in civil court. Merchants can receive money damages for the retail value of the merchandise item. A penalty up to $100 is a consequence. If the merchandise is not recovered in a sellable condition.

Why Do People Shoplift?

There should never be an excuse for shoplifting. However, we will take a look at why people shoplift.

  • Lack of Funds- Some people shoplift because they don’t have the money. Professional shoplifters steal and resell the items that they have stolen to make a profit. A high percentage of teens shoplift because they want to get things that they want, so they see it as something that’s easy.
  • Pressure From Peers- Young people can be pressured by their peers to shoplift. Some groups of young people can use shoplifting as a way to initiate new kids into their group.
  • Emotional Problems- There are those that steal as a way to release anger or frustration.

Ultimately there are many reasons why a person may shoplift, however, there is never an excuse because it’s against the law.

Alternatives to Prosecution

Moreover, individuals accused of first-time shoplifting can participate in a diversion program. Requirements of the program include counseling, community service, and making peace. When the defendant complies with these requirements, then the charges will be dropped. Individuals not eligible for a diversion program can arrange for a plea bargain. Plea bargains involve getting a less harsh sentence as a result of pleading guilty.

Why You Should Hire an RI Criminal Defense Shoplifting Attorney

In many legal situations, you don’t want to chance the risk of going at it alone. When facing a legal charge, you want someone who’s going to be there for you. When facing a criminal charge, you want the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you. Lawyers are experts in the law. You want to make sure that you put yourself in the hands on an expert. Let Chad F. Bank RI misdemeanor shoplifting attorney, take on your shoplifting case for you.