RI Criminal Defense Attorney Misdemeanor Breakdown

When developing a case, an RI Criminal Defense Attorney is going to take many steps in the courtroom process to identify your best chance of defense. The first step of this process is recognizing whether you have in fact committed a crime and what the severity of that crime is. In the State of Rhode Island, crimes are divided into one of two subsections: felonies and misdemeanors.

Misdemeanors are are the lesser of the two and carry the most lenient penalties. The most serious of misdemeanors typically include crimes such as simple assault, battery and shoplifting. Lesser misdemeanor cases can include basic traffic violations, driving without a license and expired registration. Yes, simple traffic stops have the potential to be ruled as a misdemeanor. If you or a loved one suspects that a simple traffic stop may turn more serious, be sure to call an RI Criminal Defense Attorney right away.

The most important thing to remember about the Criminal Defense process is to seek legal counsel early on. With each phase of the process, it is vital to seek the professional help of an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. A skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer, such as RI Attorney Chad Bank, can help you navigate the complicated legal process to help you save on time, money and collateral damage.


Once a RI Criminal Defense Attorney has been contacted and instructed counsel, the next step is to settle your arraignment. This is typically your first appearance in court and the point in which a defendant is made aware of the specific charges against them by the State of Rhode Island. During this time the defendant chooses to either plead guilty, not guilty or nolo contendere – a request to obtain counsel (if not already done so) before choosing how to plea. This is a very critical time for a defendant as deciding which plea to take not only directly affects which court you will face, but also the strategy your Providence Criminal Defense Attorney.

It’s important to remember that when speaking to a judge of prosecutor that neither are there to serve on your behalf. Their goal, as well as with the officer involved in your case, is to get a confession. An experienced RI Criminal Defense Attorney will train you in what and how to communicate your side of the story to the court without having your own words used against you. Be polite and courteous, but do not volunteer unsolicited information without the counsel of your attorney.


Your next court date will be set provided you have been properly arraigned. During the time leading up to your court date, you RI Criminal Defense Attorney will take this time to resolve your case outside of court. This can be accomplished through a number and variety of negotiation tactics based upon the skill of your lawyer. Resolving a case outside the courtroom is crucial to minimize penalties or get them dismissed altogether.

Please be advised that this is nearly a small snapshot of what occurs during a misdemeanor case. Each process is an individual matter and subject to the details of your case. RI Criminal Defense Attorney Chad Bank has successfully defended hundreds of misdemeanor cases to have penalties minimized and even dismissed. Call Attorney Chad Bank at 401-573-2265 for a FREE consultation.