Happy New Year

New Year reflections: With several years of experience as a Rhode Island Criminal Defense attorney / RI DUI Lawyer under my belt, I’ve realized that reflecting on life is key to moving forward in every aspect. I have dedicated my life to serving my clients to the best of my ability and fighting on their behalf. Through the years with many successes and very few defeats I’ve learned many valuable lessons regarding people and life. I am so grateful for my clients and the priceless lessons they have taught me.

No matter what challenges arise I always meet them head first with a strategic plan and a laser-focused eye on results. That’s my biggest take-away from 2014 and what the past several years have taught me. As we prepare to enter a new year I invite you to pause and reflect, professionally and personally, on the year which will soon be behind you. What lessons has life taught you? What goals did you achieve? What changes were you brave enough to make? All of these factors will play an impactful role in shaping your 2015.

Happy New Year,
Chad Bank