Two New Yorkers have been arrested Friday after Rhode Island State Police arrest them in a drug bust worth hundreds of thousands.

Police Col. Steven O’Donnell made the announcement Friday. Twenty-year-old Sergio Torres and twenty-three-year-old Kalen Antoine, both of New York, were pulled over on Route 95 near the airport connector by a Rhode Island State Police trooper after he noticed the Maryland vehicle’s canceled registration. The trooper noticed the smell of marijuana and became suspicious. He went on to note the car’s tinted windows and proceeded to search the car after Torres and Antoine gave conflicting answers about where they were headed. A Warwick police K9 unit was brought in. Inside a box of Ensure beverage bottles, he found eight 500-gram bags of heroin disguised as packages of coffee beans from a Chicago coffee shop. It is estimated that the total amount of drugs collected is worth upwards of $800,000.

Both Torres and Antoine have been arrested for possession of heroin with intent to deliver. The two men were arraigned in District Court in Warwick. Antoine, who was driving the car at the time of arrest, is also being convicted of operating on a suspended license as well as driving while in possession of a controlled substance.

It’s critical to note how a simple traffic violation avalanched into a criminal investigation and ultimately drug crime conviction for Antoine and Torres. Which is why any and all confrontations with the police should be treated as a serious matter. If you’ve been convicted of or are under suspicion by Rhode Island law enforcement, stop what you’re doing and call Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Chad Bank for representation. Don’t even speak with law enforcement officials as they’ll tell you themselves, “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Attorney Bank has the experience and know how to form a drug crime defense on your behalf, even if you think there’s no chance of getting out of it. Call Attorney Bank at 401-573-2265 for a FREE consultation today.