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5 days ago  

Where do I even start Chad is an exceptional Lawyer. He makes you feel at ease and walks you through everything. He’s extremely knowledgeable. I now know that no matter what happen in the future he’s the first person I will call. Thank you Chad for all your help your the best. #1 Lawyer in RI

Christian De la cruz

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6 days ago  

A very good lawyer, I hired him and he does everything for you, I really recommend him 100%.

Lisa Fernandez

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7 days ago  

Chad is the best lawyer!! I'm going threw chemo and other health issues and he is so understanding wether he has your case In front of him or not. And his prices are excellent

Jennifer Simpson

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13 days ago  

Mr. Banks was amazing dealing with my case. He made me feel comfortable the second I met him. You could tell he had the respect of the court, from the prosecutors to the secretary to the judge. He was able to get my case dismissed after I had a bench warrant issued for a year. I highly recommend him. He’s definantly a shark. Furthermore he assured me he’d work on getting the case expunged altogether.

Justicia Neri

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14 days ago  

The first visit with Chad was amazing, relief knowing he was handling my sons case. Always giving positive feed back, in handling my sons case, I would definitely recommend his office to anyone, as he knows what he is doing and we had a clear outcome. Thank you Chad for all you did for my son Denise

Cyndi Fonseca

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14 days ago  

Chad helped me out of an unfortunate situation. The outcome of my case was better than I thought possible.

Jim Guerrini

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15 days ago  

Chad Banks did a spectacular job for me he's very straight forward and knows his work very confident he's all about his clients to help them. I would recommend Mr. Banks to any and everyone who is looking or need a GREAT LAWYER.......He's the BEST so people check him out thanks Mr. Banks.........

Jerry Harris

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15 days ago  

I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to retain an attorney for my daughter. She had gotten herself into some legal trouble and needed good representation. So like any parent,I asked around for referrals and my search ultimately lead me to Chad F. Banks and his team. From the moment I first consulted with him I had a tremendous sense of confidence in his abilities to bring my childs legal issue to a favorable disposition, which he in fact did this afternoon. He was responsive and available to respond by phone,email,and text to address any concerns or questions I had during the legal process. He is an extremely skilled attorney and staunch advocate for his clients. Also,it should be noted that he is also very personable and easy to deal with. Going forward,if there's a time where either myself or a loved one has the misfortune to need legal counsel, I would absolutely contact Chad and his excellent staff and retain their services again. So thank you so much Attorney Banks for the service you rendered for my family today. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you again. Sincerely, Paul J. Lombardi Jr.

Paul Lombardi

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22 days ago  

Chad did a great job he did what he said he is going to do i will use him in the future

Lionel Martin

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28 days ago  

Chad is a trustworthy lawyer who explained every step of the way so I was fully aware of what was going on the whole time. He goes the extra mile to get the job done well. Great lawyer so satisfied couldn't have no one better

Rain Man

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Chad is an incredibly resourceful and intelligent person, who knows the legal system well. He has helped my husband at a time where we thought our case of a false accusation from a family member wasn’t going to end well, and I worried for my husbands safety, as other people (and other lawyers) told me the chances of conviction of a felony for domestic violence/assault were high and it was not going to be a easy and quick process. The process was very stressful as our case took months, but Chad from the beginning, made a promise that everything was going to be alright. BANK NEVER LIES! Chad has earned a reputation for being an astute and analytical person, being incredibly dependable, who basically knows someone in each sector of Rhode Island, and can find out useful info to help your case quickly. You can feel doubt at times, and lose hope, but Chad has proved himself worthy of his reputation, being the legal wizard that he is, my case might have gone further thanks to the State and proceeded to further prosecution, Chad made all the trouble and stress of this arduous process go away, ending in dismissal. I have no idea how, but I don’t question that he goes above and beyond in his job, and in my eyes, is the best lawyer I’ve ever met. This man knows criminal law better to a profound level, and in my case, there were times where he went ahead in court and did proceedings WITHOUT ME, as it wasn’t necessary, so I could still work and be with family and not have to worry about court. Undoubtedly, Chad’s work ethic is fantastic, and he manages to work with so many people, yet give great attention to each case, working on it constantly. Chad, beyond being a lawyer, is caring and positive guy, who makes you feel hope for the future, who’s a funny guy that can cheer you up, and IS NOT one of those greedy lawyers who doesn’t care for their clients. BANK DELIVERS RESULTS, LITTLE TALK, ALL ACTION! (unlike a lot of other lawyers in RI) Bank backs up his word with a long list of victories in the legal landscape. Believe in the BANK, no matter how difficult and dark things seem, he is a person who has seen lot of people and things and is quite wise in the advice he gives to people who have made rash decisions and has experienced it all. Don’t feel like you’re alone in this, and no one understands or knows what to do in your situation, chances are that Chad has dealt with it in the past and will not let you down. TRUST HIM, he is incredibly transparent and upfront with you. Chad’s knowledge goes into areas beyond criminal defense, and the few things he doesn’t know specifically, he sure does know someone that certainly does, and get reliable answers fast. I am eternally grateful to Chad Bank for his defense of my husband against a false accusation, against so many odds, and I know that he knew the outcome from the beginning. I’ve cried and smiled in this case with Chad, and I have to say, I’ve never regretted choosing Chad as my attorney, and I’m proud to say he has represented my family. I always wondered why he has so many great testimonials from so many people, but now I certainly know why, because THE BANK IS THE BEST, LOVE YOU CHAD!