Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer

Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer

The criminal justice system in Rhode Island has specific remedies for several criminal offenses such as domestic violence, drug possession DUI, and distribution, drunk driving, felonies and misdemeanors, and murder among others. Criminal acts are considered crimes against the established state and are pursued by prosecutors on behalf of the state. The likely penalty for the crimes depends on the seriousness of the crime committed. The capital crimes such as murder, rape, and sexual assault carry a hefty penalty than the rest of the crimes. However, any of the crimes may carry a hefty penalty or jail term if you are found guilty. This is the reason why Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank is here.

Who is Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank

Chad Bank is a Providence criminal defense lawyer who offers assistance in a variety of criminal cases as mentioned above. The legal system is very complex and at times drags its feet. Fortunately, we have years of experience and understand its complexities. Thus, we can help you defend your rights on the floor of the court. The Law Office of Chad F Bank is conveniently located in Downtown Providence at 127 Dorrance St Providence RI 02903.

Do not go to court without an experienced Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer

The state has hired top legal minds to prosecute the criminal offenses. Many of the laws upon which the prosecutor lay cases on are hard to be understood by someone without extensive knowledge of criminal law. Fortunately, Chad Bank can match any criminal prosecutor in Providence. We study the basis of the criminal prosecution and craft a water-tight defense on your behalf. A typical prosecution goes through different stages before the matter is concluded. It may start with your arrest, arraignment in courts, screening for felony charges, a pretrial conference, trial before the jury and finally the sentencing. We advise on the progress of your case from stage to stage and present the best strategies to help limit the impact of the charges as well as the resulting sentence. Our offices are located right across the courthouse in Providence offering you the ultimate convenience of being available for all proceedings on time.

Why Choose Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad Bank?

For the number of years we have been in the industry, we have assisted hundreds of people accused of various crimes to get an acquittal, and lower jail term or penalties when prosecuted. We understand how the system works as well as the modalities that the jury uses when evaluating criminal cases. Therefore, we can assist you to fight the criminal charges in front of you. As said above, most of the criminal offenses carry a hefty punishment that may affect your employment, freedom and deployment opportunities available to you in the future. Your chances of getting success in your cases depend largely on the hiring an experienced Providence criminal defense lawyer. Do not accept responsibility or sign forms before contacting us to take over your criminal cases. We have a reputation for promptness reliability and quality service. Are you facing probable criminal prosecution? Contact us today at 401-229-5088.

Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer

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