Newport Crime Rate Report Shows Frightening Statistics

A new study shows an alarming statistic not usually brought to light during an election year. According to which is a website dedicated to location-based aggregation for businesses to make sound decisions Newport is the least safe city in Rhode Island. The formula for this announcement is called a Crime Index which registers the Newport Crime Rate at a 9 out of 100. In the crime index 100 is the safest.

Why is the Newport Crime Rate so high?

The numbers generated by the report come from over 18,000 different law enforcement agencies. This algorithm is comprised of many other relationship databases that determine which crimes happen in which areas. According to the report, the chance of becoming of a victim of a crime in Newport is 1 in 254 compared to the entire state which is 1 in 456. Something positive to take from the report is the amount fo murders which shows as zero. Assaults, on the other hand, seem to be continually on the rise.

This article is not meant to scare anyone away from the city or cause any group to round up a posse. There are some other important things we have to take into consideration when we digest this report. The first thing to take into account is that Newport has a small population which has a way of padding the numbers in a negative way. The second thing to consider when looking at the Newport crime rate is that our city is a huge tourist destination. While it may not be simple to understand the report bases the amount of crimes per 1000 CITIZENS. By basing the Newport crime rate on citizens per capita, they do not take into account tourists committing crimes (most notably assaults) while they are on vacation. The last and most important thing to take into consideration is that while this data is not only final but also reviewed by the FBI, it is from 2014. The newest data on the Newport crime rate will be the 2015 data which will be available in late 2016. Be sure to check back with us again and join us in hoping that we have a much better crime index score by then.

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Newport Crime Rate