5 Things To Know Going Into Your Child Custody Battle

How Men’s Child Custody Rights Differ

Going through a divorce is a challenging time. However, when a marriage quits working, and both parties are happier apart, it is the best choice. If a couple has children, staying together as two unhappy parents is a worse option than working as co-parents, separate but happier. Unfortunately, even if the two parties in the divorce wish to split things equally, courts do not always grant equal men’s child custody rights. Even if they are a good father that adequately provides for your family, some men do not receive equal men’s child custody rights. In heterosexual relationships, the advantage of the mother is greater if the father cannot prove he deserves equal custody.

If you are going through a divorce, you have a better chance receiving equal men’s child custody rights if you fulfill the following.

1. An Adequate Support Network

Nobody can raise a child all by themselves. Splitting child custody means your responsibilities double whenever you have the kids. If you do not have a good support network, a judge may find you unsuitable to take care of your children for the time your desire.

During your divorce proceedings, provide proof that you have an adequate support system if you want equal men’s child custody rights. The proof is especially important if your soon-to-be-ex-partner has their built-in support system such as some family members in town or nearby. Unfortunately, a man has to work harder to prove these things. Concrete evidence may be necessary.

Support does not have to be family, but it helps. If you do not have a familial support system, you may need to compensate by actively hiring childcare professionals to assist you when you have possession of the children.

2. A Dedication To Education

When making your child custody case, do not forget to express your dedication towards the successful education of your children. Prove that you help with homework, attend parent/teacher conferences, and are adequately active in schooling decisions. Furthermore, bring up any supplemental activities you engage in with your kids. If you take them to museums on the weekend or surprise them with books about their interest now and then, it shows you go above and beyond regarding your children’s education.

3. A Commitment to Involvement

In the end, judges and juries want to make decisions that benefit the child when it comes to custody cases. If you show commitment to being involved in your child’s life, nobody wants to disrupt that. It is traumatic for a child who normally sees their parent at school events and little league games to suddenly feel abandoned.

Document the activities you participate in with your children– whether it be the sign-up sheet you signed for coaching soccer or pictures you took at the last assembly.

4. Proven Flexibility And Stability

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” РConfucius

When going through a custody battle, prove to the court that you can be a “green reed” in your child’s life. Men tend to have the stability thing on lock. If you’re the primary earner in the household, you provide financial stability. If you have a regular schedule, a comfortable home, and good parenting skills, then you provide lifestyle stability. Moreso, what some men have trouble with is flexibility.

As pointed out earlier, you must be involved in your child’s life to get equal custody. Furthermore, you must prove that your involvement is not dependent on your schedule. Prove you can adapt to your child’s needs. If there is an illness or injury at school, can you leave work to get them? If a social event impedes on your time with your child, can you work with them and their mother to find time to spend together? Can you handle emergencies calmly and rationally? Put your children first, and your custody battle will turn out in your favor.


5. Good Will Towards Your Ex

When going through divorce proceedings, your judge monitors your overall behavior and considers their observations when making decisions regarding men’s child custody rights. If you are hostile or show ill will towards your ex, this causes doubt in your ability to provide a positive environment for your kids. Most people agree that the more parental figures in a child’s life, the better. Furthermore, cordial co-parenting helps children adjust to the lifestyle changes that come with divorce.

Keep the negative feelings you have towards your ex to yourself. It helps to work towards forgiving them for the health of your family and children, which is always the most important thing. After all, the only people who should “win” in this situation are the children.

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