As an extremely busy Rhode Island Criminal Defense and DUI attorney, I don’t have time to worry about my Internet technology. Having a reliable IT company is essential for success if my law firm’s computers run into problems. Recently, our entire computer system experienced major issues. Our in-house network had a major malware issue, which began affecting our ability to access the CRM and other valuable files. To avoid losing a substantial amount of business and money we decided to call upon the skills of E-Racer Tech to find the issues and fix them.

I researched a few options to find a remote IT tech support was doing my research in order to find the appropriate IT company to fit my law firm’s needs, I checked out the reviews on E-Racer Tech’s client success portal. It made me feel at ease to discover all of the positive reviews written by satisfied customers. Hiring an IT company is an important decision, and I knew that I was making the correct choice. Peace of mind is critical when making decisions for your business, and I felt the most comfortable with E-Racer Tech. As I would soon find out, I had made the right selection.
One afternoon, as I was sitting in court with a client, I received a message from my office that the computers weren’t working correctly. The office had already called E-Racer Tech, and they had begun working on the problem immediately. While I was glad to have been notified, I was confident that E-Racer Tech would handle the issues at hand. It was a good feeling to know that I could concentrate fully on my client and give my undivided attention to the court appearance.

After court, I called the office, and E-Racer Tech had already rectified the situation via remote access. I was relieved to have the issue resolved, and the potential disaster had been averted. As it turned out, Internet Explorer had caused some Malware in our computers. Thankfully, E-Racer was able to diagnose the problem quickly, and they got it cleaned up remotely.

I would recommend E-Racer Tech to any business, small or large. Their efficiency saved me time, money, and a huge headache. Without their services, it would have been difficult to fix the problem within my company’s computer system, and we could have lost a day or more’s worth of business. Take a look at E-Racer Tech; I’m sure that you could benefit from their services as I did.