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Under the protection of a no contact order, the defendant is barred from having contact with the victim through any means of communication. Contact includes face to face discussion, phone calls, letters, emails, or third party messages. In the state of Rhode Island, a person under a no contact order must avoid the victim by all means. If the defendant enters the same public space as the victim, they must evacuate the area without acknowledging the victim.

There are certain circumstances in which a no contact order can be violated even with the victim's consent. If the victim initiates contact by calling the defendant and receives a response, the defendant is in direct violation of the no contact order. If, for instance, the victim is a spouse asking the defendant to return to the marital home, and the defendant does, they can be charged with violating the no contact order. If the defendant needs to obtain personal belongings from the home when under a no contract order, a police escort may be helpful.

Lifting A No Contact Order

A no contact order can only be lifted or cut short by a judge following a review of the case history. Domestic abuse history is usually taken into account. In cases in which the abuse is severe or ongoing for a significant period, the judge may extend the no contact order. The order is then lifted when the judge decides the defendant is no longer a threat to the victim. When does a no contract order in Rhode Island end? A no contract order ends when the sentence ends, the defendant is found not guilty, or if the case is dismissed.

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