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What is the definition of Adoption?

The legal definition of adoption is the legal procedure of a child becoming a part of a new family excluding that of his or her natural parents under the authority of the court system. While adoption can be a very rewarding process it is not a decision which should be made in haste or taken lightly. Becoming an adoptive parent is a huge responsibility and could potentially alter the future of a child’s entire life. It is best to consult with an experienced adoption lawyer before you start teh process.

What is the Adoption Process in the State of Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island aims to empower adoptive parents with the knowledge and resources necessary for the adoption process. The state requires adoptive parents to attend an 8 to 10 week adoption information session. These sessions allow the assigned home finders to become familiar with the potential parents before performing an in-depth home study. Home studies are extensive 12-15 page reports summarizing detailed aspects of the adoptive parents lives.

15-7-4 Petition to adopt – Court having jurisdiction. – a Any person residing in Rhode Island may petition the family court for leave to adopt as his or her child any person younger than him or herself and under eighteen 18 years of age, and, if desired, for a change of the childs name.
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Experienced Rhode Island Adoption Lawyer

Hiring an experienced Rhode Island adoption lawyer is critical when facing challenging matters in adoption and domestic relations law. If you or someone you know is interested in the adoption process contact Rhode Island Adoption Lawyer Chad Bank for more information. Call 401-573-2265 to schedule your free consultation today. Main Law Office in Downtown Providence.