Rhode Island Child Support Lawyer

What is Child Support?

Child support is a legal order or judgement which requires someone to pay a pre-determined recurring amount of money for the support of a child/children that they are responsible for. It is common for these court-ordered payments to be requested by the primary custodial parent caring for the child/children. Child support cases sometimes involve a high level of emotional challenges due to the sensitive nature of the relationships previous standing. In these cases, many factors are considered regarding the financial ability of both parties.

How is Child Support Calculated in the State of Rhode Island?

In the state of Rhode Island, child support is calculated using the shared income model which determines the weekly support order for each child. The overall idea is that children are justified in living to the standard based on the combined income of both parents.

Child Support Orders Evaluate:
  • Pre-tax weekly gross income of both parents
  • Required monthly deductions including health insurance, previous child support orders. These deductions are subtracted from the gross income.

The combined adjusted gross income of both parents is then added together and used to determine the recommended monthly child support amount based on the number of children involved. The percentage share of each parent is assigned, and the non-custodial parent must pay their share in 4 weekly allotments tot he custodial parent. The child support payments are often paid by wage withholding.

Child Support matters are difficult procedures to navigate without the guidance of an experienced Child Support Lawyer. Having the wrong legal representation may ultimately place you and your child at a disadvantage financially. Child Support Lawyer Chad Bank will fight for your best interests and the best interests of your children. Call Attorney Bank to schedule your FREE consultation at (401) 229-5088.