What is Child Custody?

Child custody represents the legal relationship between a child and a parent and the parents authority to make decisions on behalf of the child. Hiring a child custody lawyer who is well-versed in family law matters is very important for building a solid case in your child's best interests. The laws and legal processes concerning child custody can be complex. Attorney Chad Bank has built a successful history of experience in helping parents navigate the difficult system of legal custody cases.

How Are Child Custody Decisions Made?

When making the judgements regarding child custody for a specific child, judges consider many factors in their evaluation. The deciding factor is ultimately based on the best interests of the child. Some of those determining factors may be:

  • evaluating the home environment of both parental parties
  • the mental stability of both parents
  • in some cases (when age appropriate) the reference of the child is considered
  • the overall safety of the child and any prior history of domestic violence by either parental party

Child Custody Lawyer

Securing a positive and safe living environment for your child or children is your main priority. Let our legal experts help you with your child custody matters. Attorney Bank has represented a number of child custody cases. He delivers aggressive and compassionate legal representation on behalf of his client's best interests. If you or someone you know is dealing with child custody matters contact our law office. Child Custody Lawyer Chad Banks will help you through this difficult time. Call (401) 229-5088 to schedule your free consultation today.

§ 15-14.1-30 Expedited enforcement of child custody determination. – (c) Upon the filing of a petition, the court shall issue an order directing the respondent to appear in person with or without the child at a hearing and may enter any order necessary to ensure the safety of the parties and the child.