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RI Criminal LawyerConveniently located across the street from the Providence courthouse, The Law Office of Chad F Bank represents clients in all kinds of criminal defense cases.

Recognized for our consistently high levels of client satisfaction as well as for being one of the top ten best DUI lawyers in Providence, Rhode Island this Law Office has earned its reputation for defense excellence. Chad Bank serves in court daily representing clients across all types of cases. This RI criminal lawyer and his team never stop providing aggressive affordable representation.

RI Criminal Lawyer With Proven Track Record of Success

When you are a criminal lawyer in the courtroom daily for over twenty years you know your way around. Chad Bank and his team have extensive professional knowledge of the state and federal court systems. They are well equipped and dedicated to protecting your rights making sure you receive a fair trial and penalties. Deep knowledge of the law and legal system help this team swiftly find the appropriate legal solution for you.

Available for you 24-7

You need to be able to reach your defense team when you need them. After all a DUI or other need for a criminal lawyer can occur at any time of the day or night. This is why we make sure to have someone available 24/7 to meet your needs. Whether you need to make an appointment or talk through your situation we are a phone call away. Alternatively you can use our email form to reach out and we can follow up with you.

Experience with Felony Misdemeanor and Other Criminal Cases

We have handled a wide assortment of felony cases — including DUIs, assaults computer crimes, larceny, robbery, kidnapping, and sex offenses — as well as misdemeanors and petty misdemeanors — ranging from DUIs and disorderly conduct, through traffic violations, trespassing, and even domestic violence. This RI criminal lawyer is up to date with recent developments in laws and penalties.

While our experience gives confidence and know-how in navigating the legal system, it has also taught us that each criminal case is unique. The circumstances of the crime the charges and potential penalties being faced and the life of each defendant present different contributing factors to each legal case. Your RI criminal lawyer must really hear you, understanding your actions and your concerns so that they can provide you with the best possible defense.

Aggressive Affordable Defense

We take listening to you very seriously. Being honest and upfront with us helps us work through the best possible outcome to defend your rights. We are here to advocate for your health your reputation and your career. We know that trials do not happen in vacuums your family and loved ones will be affected by these proceedings as well. We are here to help you navigate the case.

Chad has received hundreds of positive ratings from past clients, which is why we are a 2024 Top Rated criminal defense firm in Providence. We want you to be confident in our abilities to handle your case. Go ahead and book a free consultation with a RI criminal lawyer so we can go over the basics of your defense.

Providence Criminal Lawyer

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