Rhode Island Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement Attorney in Providence, Rhode Island

What is embezzlement, and why do you need the aide of an embezzlement attorney if charged with the crime?

In the state of Rhode Island, embezzlement is a serious crime, and if you’ve been arrested and charged with embezzlement, you’re looking at serious fines and jail time. That’s why you will need the assistance of an experienced and aggressive attorney like Chad Bank, Esq.,. You cannot leave a charge of this nature to chance. Embezzlement Attorney Chad Bank, Esq., is ready to fight for your rights in a court of law.

When someone is entrusted with money that is not theirs (for example, money that belongs to a business), and they take the money for their own personal enrichment without permission, it is called embezzlement.  Being charged with embezzlement is if someone has legal access to money, but not legal ownership of that money.

If one did have legal ownership of the money in question, or otherwise being wrongfully accused, an embezzlement attorney like Chad Bank, Esq., can help defend you against these baseless and unfounded charges. In a criminal case, the burden of proof lies on a prosecutor – in other words, a prosecutor must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime in question. Provide evidence to substantiate these claims – and an experienced embezzlement attorney like Chad Bank, Esq., can help establish reasonable doubt.

Another thing to consider is that, in Rhode Island, embezzlement doesn’t just entail taking money. Rather, you can also be arrested and tried if you divulge trade secrets, regardless of the perceived or actual value of the trade secrets in question.

With many complex layers surrounding embezzlement law, it’s no wonder that Rhode Island residents know to turn to an experienced embezzlement law firm like Chad Bank, Esq.,. They offer a free, no obligation consultation to all prospective clients, and are pleased to lay out a sensible, proven plan that will get you the justice you deserve.

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