Cranston Criminal Defense Lawyer Chad F Bank

Were you arrested on criminal charges? Cranston criminal defense lawyer Chad F Bank has over 20 years experience defending Rhode Island citizens rights. Many criminal charges can lead to jail time. Chad has the experience you need defending your freedom. Cranston Criminal Defense LawyerOur law office has helped many criminal defendants prove their innocence. Some of the cases we handle include:

  • DUI: Were you arrested for a DUI? Cranston criminal defense lawyer Chad F. Bank can help. We have helped DUI defendants with their first DUI charge multiple DUI charges chemical test refusals and DUI accidents involving death or injury. A DUI conviction in Cranston can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and fees time in jail and license suspension. If someone was killed in a DUI accident you face manslaughter charges. Call Chad for a free consultation today.
  • Computer Crimes: These crimes include theft cyberstalking and tampering with secured documents. Rhode Island computer crime law is very strict and always evolving. Chad stays abreast the latest legislation and court rulings. His vast knowledge and understanding of these laws can be used to prove your innocence.
  • Drug Charges: You may have been accused of possession, intent to distribute or trafficking. Chad is an experienced Drug defense attorney. He is the Cranston criminal defense lawyer who will thoroughly inspect your case to get you the results you want. If any part of the search and seizure was illegally performed all the charges could get dropped. During a free consultation Chad can tell you more about your specific case.
  • Domestic Violence: A domestic violence conviction can ruin your life. It can negatively affect divorce and child custody rulings. It can prevent you from getting jobs. It also comes with a negative social stigma. Not to mention the possibility of jail time! You don’t want to be found guilty of domestic violence. Contact Cranston criminal defense lawyer Chad F Bank.
  • Prostitution: In 2009 Rhode Island official criminalized all prostitution. You could receive jail time and have to pay hefty fines. You don’t want a sex crime on your record. You need an experienced Cranston criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with prostitution. Call Chad today.
  • Assault: There are many different types of assault including domestic assault assault with a dangerous weapon and simple assault. Assault charges often lead to jail time. Hire a defense attorney who is experienced in defending assault charges.
  • White Collar Crimes: These are crimes committed in a business type setting instead of on the street. Defendants are often accused of deception, forgery, extortion or bank fraud. If you are accused of a white collar crime, Attorney Chad F Bank can help.

Cranston criminal defense lawyer Chad F Bank

Cranston criminal defense lawyer Chad F Bank is available 24 7 for free legal consultations. Call 401-573-2265 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is important to get legal representation as soon as possible. You don’t want the police tricking you into self incrimination. Protect your rights. Call Chad today.