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Social Security Disability: Common Problems

December 19th, 2017|

The Social Security Disability Insurance program in the United States provides financial assistance to disabled individuals who are unable to work to earn a living and support themselves or their families. Each year the Social Security Administration denies approximately 70% of the social security disability claims that it receives. Applicants who [...]

How Often Do People Slip and Fall on Winter Ice?

December 11th, 2017|

The winter brings with it cold temperatures, ice, and snow. Unfortunately, these conditions are ideal for slip and fall accidents. In the best of conditions, slipping and falling can occur. Find out how winter can worsen your odds of an accident. How Frequently Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur? Slip [...]

Finding Money On the Street – Is that Petty Larceny?

November 20th, 2017|

You might daydream about finding an envelope full of money on the street. However, what would you do if it actually happened to you? Finding money on the street could seem like a blessing. In reality though, it might be a curse. Many people agonize over what to do with [...]

The History of False Rape Convictions

November 3rd, 2017|

At times, our criminal justice system fails innocent individuals. In the past, there were frequent cases of false rape convictions. Although false convictions today are less frequent, they still occur. Learn about the history of false convictions for rape and why they still happen. A Glimpse in the Past Decades [...]

Let Workman’s Compensation Laws Work In Your Favor

October 29th, 2017|

Workman’s compensation laws are a system of rules designed to pay the expenses of employees who are injured or become ill while performing job-related duties. Employees can receive payments to cover lost wages, medical expenses, disability payments, and rehabilitation and retraining costs. To be eligible to receive workers’ compensation, you [...]

Motor Vehicle Theft in Rhode Island: The Complete Guide

October 10th, 2017|

For every action, there is a consequence. And if your action is to steal a car, the consequence can be quite serious. In Rhode Island, motor vehicle theft comes with harsh penalties. Find out about all the different motor vehicle crimes, laws, and penalties in Rhode Island. How Common is [...]

What Is a Mandatory Minimum Sentence?

September 19th, 2017|

Knowing what a mandatory minimum sentence is can be beneficial in understanding how much trouble you might be in when you are facing criminal charges. But, what does that mean? What is a Mandatory Minimum Sentence? There are some sentences that require a minimum amount of time in prison or [...]

Can the Police Search Your House Without a Warrant?

September 11th, 2017|

If you watch enough crime dramas on television, you probably know that a search warrant is required for police to search your home. But, TV isn't always about real life, and sometimes it's just dramatic additions to an actual scenario. What your rights are and what you should do when [...]

Identity Theft is Rampant in the Digital Age

August 18th, 2017|

As our world relies more on technology, life gets a little easier. However, technology isn’t without its challenges. One of those challenges is identity theft. People put their personal details out on the internet. And it’s not difficult for someone with experience and bad intentions to steal those details. Find [...]

Your Criminal Defense Starts With You: Help Your Case

August 9th, 2017|

So, you were speeding through traffic and got pulled over by a police officer? Or maybe you neglected to put on your seatbelt and felt the full fury of Clickit-or-Ticket. It could be that you were just randomly pulled over for no fault of your own; in these instances, you [...]

The 4 Most Common Injuries From a Car Accident

July 21st, 2017|

Accidents are the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States. A high percentage of these are car crashes. Apart from the roughly 30,000 yearly car accident fatalities, another 1.6 million people suffer injuries. Some of the most common injuries from car crashes can be devastating and life-changing. Common Injuries [...]

How a RI Criminal Defense Shoplifting Attorney Can Help You

July 14th, 2017|

Fight against your shoplifting charge with a professional RI criminal defense shoplifting attorney. A shoplifting charge is a result of the last minute impulsive behavior. The person who shoplifts usually feels a sense of guilt and is remorseful about his/her action. If you're in that position and you've made a mistake, [...]

College Crime Statistics: Everything You Need to Know

May 21st, 2017|

Everyone wishes to have the time of their lives in college, but sometimes those times can get a little too rowdy. In college, you are just as likely to be arrested for a crime as you are elsewhere. People do not simply ignore your actions because you are in college, [...]

Juvenile Crime: The Statistics and What You Should Know

May 14th, 2017|

Juvenile Crime: The Facts The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention states that juvenile courts in the U.S. deal with almost 1.4 million cases involving minors under the age of 18 a year. Our juvenile crimes problem makes the United States the largest incarcerator of any developed country's youth population. [...]

A Few Facts About Cocaine Possession Charges

April 21st, 2017|

Blow, snow, powder, nose candy... Get caught with it, and  'Trouble' is the only code word you'll need. Cocaine possession carries hefty penalties, and we'll break them down for you today. But first, a little history. Cocaine: A Primer With a story almost as old as civilization, cocaine has left [...]

Men’s Child Custody Rights: 5 Things To Know

April 14th, 2017|

5 Things To Know Going Into Your Child Custody Battle How Men's Child Custody Rights Differ Going through a divorce is a challenging time. However, when a marriage quits working, and both parties are happier apart, it is the best choice. If a couple has children, staying together as two [...]

Public Defender vs Private Attorney: The Statistics in Criminal Defense

March 18th, 2017|

HIGHEST RATEDRI CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERRHODE ISLAND DUI ATTORNEYAVAILABLE 24/7FREE CONSULTATIONS CALL NOW EMAIL ME TEXT ME We have all seen a tv show in which a cop reads someone their Miranda Rights. The cop says that the accused has the right to an attorney [...]

Selecting from Divorce Lawyers in RI – Where to Begin?

February 21st, 2017|

If you are considering divorce or actively taking steps to initiate one, your first action needs to be partnering with a lawyer. But as you will soon discover, some options at your disposal make selecting from RI divorce lawyers is a major hurdle. And considering how much is at stake [...]