Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Chad F Bank

Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

If you have never been arrested for a DUI before, you’re probably unaware how complicated the process is. A DUI is a serious charge in the state of Rhode Island, and the penalties can be swift and severe. That catches a lot of people off guard and subjects them to a harsher sentence than they deserve. Fight for what is fair and stand up for your rights by following these tips from Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Chad F Bank.

Get a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Remember that the police and prosecutors are never on your side, no matter how sympathetic they may sound. As soon as possible after you come into contact with law enforcement, seek out the counsel of a Rhode Island DUI lawyer. Someone with legal experience can help ensure that you are treated fairly and not manipulated to work against your best interests. With the help of an advocate, you can defend your freedom and make sense of a complex and consequential system.

Gather Evidence

As soon as you can, after you are charged with a DUI, write down a full account of what happened. Fill it with a much detail as possible. This way you have a clear memory of the incident months after it happened. You should also save any evidence pertinent to the case, and make contact with anyone who may have been involved. A Rhode Island DUI lawyer will use this evidence to either argue for your innocence or reduce your sentence to the minimum possible.

Always Stand Up for Yourself

If you know that you should not have been driving, it is easy to conclude that you should accept your punishment and get on with your life. But accepting the judgment of the court without a fight never makes your situation better. Regardless of the outcome, you will face some penalty. Plus, you will have a DUI charge on your record for the rest of your life.

Hire An Experienced Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

No matter what the circumstances are, your interests are always better served by working with a Rhode Island DUI lawyer. If you need a Rhode Island DUI And Criminal Defense Attorney to fight for you, call The Law Office of Chad F Bank at 401-229-5088. Office in Downtown Providence